The best Android gadgets of the week for June 28

We've rounded up another week's worth of solid Android accessories. These connected devices recently hit the market or just went on preorder, and range the gamut of audio, video, wearables, cases, and anything in between. That said, we're confident you'll find something here to complement your Android phone or tablet. Let's dig in!

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iRig Mic Studio

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iRig Mic Studio for Android

IK Multimedia has added a new condenser microphone to their already extensive lineup of smartphone-friendly audio equipment. On-board level indicator, gain control, and headphone control provide all the basics you need to handle recording, and the threaded mount will let you easily prop the mic onto the included tripod. Once you plug into your phone directly over USB, you can monitor recording as it happens, add filters, save, and share the final result through a custom-built app. If you're a musician or podcaster on the go, this microphone will help you out plenty.

Buy now - $179.99

Kenwood DDX9702S Android Auto/CarPlay Receiver

Kenwood Car Reciever for Android

Kenwood started shipping a new batch of dash receivers last week that play nice with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The DDX9702S has a 7-inch touchscreen, enables a Bluetooth connection with your car speakers for music and calls, plus a motorized faceplate that folds down for full access. The disc reader can handle CDs, DVDs, and MP3s, if for whatever reason your whole music collection isn't already on your phone.

Buy now - $699.99

Pebble Time

Pebble's next generation smartwatch is now available for preorder. It continues to excel in battery life in a world where many high-octane wearables need regular charging. The Pebble Time can go a full week with the color e-ink display on. You'll get the usual gamut of sleep tracking, water resistant design, phone notifications, music controls, and more. Red, black, and white versions are available, though you may want to hold off until the Steel version is available next month for the proper premium feel. Dig into our full review of the Kickstarter model for a closer look.

Buy now - $199.99

Logitech Type - S keyboard case

Logitech just released a new Bluetooth keyboard cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7. When open, the case holds your tablet at an angle, and when closed, the S-keyboard case offers solid all-around protection. If you have an S Stylus, the case will give you a spot to stash that, too. Dedicated hardware keys give you quick access to multitasking, the home screen, menu, mail and other Android functions. The rechargeable battery should last six months, thanks in no small part to an intelligent wake/sleep system. Black and violet models are available.

Buy now - $99.99


FLIR One for Android

FLIR launched preorders for a new infrared sensor for Android devices. Its two cameras superimpose heat data on top of the visible landscape. Temperatures between -20°C and 120°C can be detected. The dedicated FLIR app lets you take thermal panoramas and timelapses, plus a dedicated power supply means there's no additional draw from your battery. Although it's a bit of a niche product, there are certainly some professions that could make use of this kind of data, especially if developers leverage the framework available.

Buy now - $249.99

Your favorite new gadgets of the week?

We're still playing around with this format, so feel free to leave feedback for the next go-around. Also, let us know which new Android gadgets you've go your eyes on!

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