Best Air Purifiers For Your Home in 2021

Honeywell air purifier
Honeywell air purifier (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Air purifiers are an essentially utility these days. They not only manage to thoroughly clean the air of all pollutants like viruses and bacteria, but they also remove odors caused by cooking, pets, or smoking. The Honeywell HPA300 (opens in new tab) is our pick for its ability to scrub 99.97% of all allergens from the air, ensuring you're always breathing clean air in your house.

Best Overall: Honeywell HPA300

Honeywell HPA300

Source: Honeywell (Image credit: Source: Honeywell)

Honeywell HPA300

Get rid of viruses easily

Eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles
Gets rid of allergens, odors, and dust
Turbo cleaning mode
Ideal for large rooms
No air quality indicator

The Honeywell HPA300 is a standout product that does a fantastic job getting rid of allergens and odors. The air purifier is particularly suited for large rooms, and can effectively clean rooms up to 465 square feet, recycling the air up to five times in an hour. It is quite heavy at 17 pounds, but it comes with a handle on the size that lets you move it between rooms should you wish to do so.

The HPA300 comes with filters: a pre-filter with activated carbon that absorbs gases, odors, and other large particles, and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter for all pollutants. The air purifier cleans 99.97% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, pet hair, mold spores, and more. It is also great at eliminating odors. You'll have to change the pre-filter once every three to four months, and the HEPA filter once a year.

There are four cleaning modes to choose from — germ, allergen, general clean, and turbo — and there are easy controls at the top that let you switch between modes. You also get LED indicators for filter replacement, and there's a timer feature that lets you choose how long you want the air purifier to run.

Also Great: Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

Source: Coway (Image credit: Source: Coway)

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

Excellent performance, great value

Four-layer filtration system
Gets rid of 99.95% of pollutants
Energy-efficient eco mode
Unique ionizing feature
Design isn't portable

Coway made a name for itself for versatile air purifiers that offer excellent value for money, and the AP-1512HH Mighty is no different. Clunky naming aside, this is a fantastic air purifier that delivers excellent performance. The low-profile design ensures it isn't too obtrusive, and you're getting great value for your money.

The AP-1512HH Mighty has a four-layer filtration with a unique ionization system that reduces particles in the air. There's a pre-filter for large particles and pet hair, and then you get an activated carbon odor filter, a HEPA filter for removing 99.95% of pollutants 0.3 microns and larger, and a bipolar ionization device that reduces the number of particulates in the air.

The air purifier is designed to work in rooms up to 361 square feet, and the built-in air quality indicator does a great job automatically adjusting the fan levels based on the level of pollution indoors. There are three levels for the fans, and you can also schedule a timer. There's an eco mode as well wherein the air purifier automatically switches off if it doesn't detect any indoor pollution for 30 minutes.

The AP-1512HH Mighty has a filter indicator that lights up when you need to switch out the filters. Ideally, you'll need to get a new HEPA filter once a year, and change the pre-filter once every three to four months.

Best On a Budget: Blueair Blue Pure 411

Blueair Blue Pure 411

Source: Blueair (Image credit: Source: Blueair)

Blueair Blue Pure 411

Portable design that's ideal for small rooms

Three-layer filtration
Portable design
Washable pre-filter
Uses less energy
No HEPA filter
No air quality indicator
Limited feature-set

If you're in the market for a value-focused air purifier, look no further than the Blue Pure 411. Blueair makes some of the best products in this category, and the Blue Pure 411 has a lot going for it. The air purifier is designed for rooms 100 to 160 square feet in size, and it takes up just 1.5 to 10W of energy.

It also runs relatively quiet (17 to 46 dB), and the washable pre-filter means it doesn't need a lot of maintenance. The Blue Pure 411 has a three-layer filtration system with pre-filters for large particles and pet hair, and an activated carbon filter for scrubbing gases and odors. There's no HEPA filter here, but the Blue Pure 411 does a decent job of cleaning the air of common allergens and bacteria.

The air purifier comes with a single button to switch it on and off, and there's a built-in LED that tells you when to change the filter. Based on usage, you may need to change the filter once every six months. The portable design combined with the fact that you can pick up colorful outer shells makes it a great offering in the budget category.

Best For Pets: Winix HR900

Winix HR900

Source: Winix (Image credit: Source: Winix)

Winix HR900

The ideal air purifier for pet owners

HEPA filter for effective dust removal
Five-layer filtration system
Washable pre-filter
Air quality indicator
Not portable

The Winix HR900 is designed for pet owners, and the air purifier does a great job eliminating pet dander, pet hair, and pet odors. It comes with dust and odor sensors, and the built-in LED will change color based on the pollution levels in your house.

The five-layer filtration ensures that the air purifier gets rid of all airborne contaminants. There's a pre-filter that attracts pet hair, and a washable mesh filter picks up large particles. Then there's an activated carbon filter that absorbs smoke, gases, VOCs, and odors from cooking. Then there's a HEPA filter for purifying the air of all allergens, dust, pollen, and microbes. The HR900 also comes with PlasmaWave tech that breaks down particles further.

The HR900 works best in rooms up to 300 square feet, and like most air purifiers in this segment you get easy controls for cleaning modes, and a timer feature. Overall, the HR900 is a stellar option if you have pets in your house.

Best For Large Rooms: Coway Airmega 400

Coway Airmega 400

Source: Coway (Image credit: Source: Coway)

Coway Airmega 400

The best air purifier for large spaces

Effective cleaning with a HEPA filter
Unmatched coverage
Real-time air quality monitoring
Five cleaning modes
Washable pre-filters
Bulky design

The Airmega 400 is large in every sense of the word. The air purifier can clean the air in a room up to 1,560 square feet two times over every hour, making it the default choice for large spaces. The Airmega isn't what you would call portable at 24 pounds, but if you want thorough cleaning, this is the one to get.

The air purifier comes with a washable pre-filter that attracts large particles, and there's an activated carbon layer that eliminates gases, fumes, and odors. The HEPA filter gets rid of 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger, ensuring you're always breathing clean air. There's an indicator that tells you when it's time to switch out the filter, and ideally you'll be changing the filter once a year.

You also get an LED light ring at the front that gives you a visual overview of the air quality level in your house. The Airmega 400 monitors air quality continually, and it automatically adjusts fan levels if it detects an increase in pollutants. You can select from five cleaning modes, and there's also the option to set a timer.

Most Versatile: Dyson Pure Cool TP01

Dyson Pure Cool TP01

Source: Dyson (Image credit: Source: Dyson)

Dyson Pure Cool TP01

This air purifier is also a fan

Elegant design
Doubles as a fan
HEPA filter for effective cleaning
360-degree air intake
Doesn't work with Dyson Link

Leave it to Dyson to turn one of its tower fans into an air purifier. The Pure Cool TP01 features a HEPA filter in the base that eliminates all pollutants from the air, and that clean air is pushed outward. With Dyson's Air Multiplier tech pushing 77 gallons of air every second, this is the one to get if you want a tower fan that's also an air purifier.

It isn't missing out on any features either — you get an activated carbon layer that reduces odors and gases, and because the TP01 is also a fan, you can choose from a range of oscillation and fan settings. The oscillation feature ensures clean air is delivered across all parts of the room. There's also a magnetized remote that attaches to the side of the air purifier, making it harder to lose.

Here's why you need an air purifier

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You may think that you don't need an air purifier, but it comes in handy even if you're living in an area that doesn't get a lot of dust. An air purifier is particularly good at getting rid of airborne bacteria and viruses, and it also removes odors from cooking, fumes from smoke or other gases.

Most of the options in this list feature a HEPA filter, and that's essential in scrubbing the air of pollutants. There are a lot of great models to choose from, but the best air purifier right now is the Honeywell HPA300 (opens in new tab). The versatility on offer combined with the robust cleaning performance makes it an easy recommendation. I've been using a variant of this air purifier in my house for the last four years, and it has made a noticeable difference in the air quality in our living room.

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