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Google Nest Doorbell Battery Ash Lifestyle
Google Nest Doorbell Battery Ash Lifestyle (Image credit: Google)

The new Nest Doorbell has all the features you would expect from a video doorbell, including smart alerts when activity is detected, the ability to answer the door remotely, and a built-in speaker and mic. But it also adds enticing upgrades, like distinguishing among people, packages, animals, and vehicles, a unique 3:4 vertical camera so you can see people from head to toe (and packages on the ground), wire-free battery operation, and weather-resistant housing. It also comes in at an affordable price, so you'll have extra dough for Nest Doorbell accessories.

Which accessories should you get for the Nest Doorbell?

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If you decide to take the plunge and upgrade from the Nest Hello to the Nest Doorbell, you'll want some Nest Doorbell accessories to get the most out of it. A bigger selection of accessories is bound to be released once the Nest Doorbell officially starts shipping. However, there are already some great ones you can invest in to get set up for its arrival. Some hail from Nest itself and are a perfect complement to get the most out of the device. Others can help enhance the experience.

Whichever you choose, it's a good idea to think about how and why you want to use the Nest Doorbell before buying. For example, if it's to keep an eye on your property, especially if you're away a lot, consider investing in additional cameras to complement it. If it's to avoid having to answer the door or ensure delivery persons leave packages for you, a Nest Hub (2nd Gen) will provide more use than you realize beyond just working with the Doorbell.

You can consider other accessories, too, like choosing among the best smart locks for Google Home. These would allow you to not only see who was at the door and talk to them from wherever you are but even permit entry if desired. This is great for those who have dog walkers, house sitters, or helpful neighbors. Start with the Nest Doorbell and go from there. Chances are, you'll find lots of ways to create a great experience as you add more items to the mix.

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