Best Accessories for Daydream

A Daydream headset can transport you to new worlds, and deliver amazing experiences, all with just the help of your smartphone. To really get the absolute best experience though, you'll definitely want to consider throwing down a few dollars for the right accessories. From headphones that will ensure you really get to immerse yourself in a game, to the travel case that keeps your headset safe when on vacation, these accessories will make sure you get the most out of Daydream View.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

When it comes to the absolute first accessory you buy, it should definitely be a solid pair of headphones. Audio-Technica delivers a quality experience that isn't exorbitantly priced and will make sure that you can hear absolutely everything going on within your games. They collapse when not in use, which means that they can be safely stored away when you aren't using Daydream. These are excellent headphones at a much cheaper price than comparable models.

Panasonic i RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone

When it comes to picking up quality headphones, you may be a bigger fan of a solid pair of earbuds. The Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPk earbuds are a solid out of the way choice, that are also extremely affordable, even when you are on a budget. They come with three different sized earpads to make sure you get the right fit, and once they're in it's easy to forget about them and enjoy your VR experiences.

Amazon Microfiber cloth

When the time comes that you need to clean your Daydream headset, microfiber cloths can seriously help you out. Especially if you've found dust or debris lodged in and around the lenses of your headset. By picking up a 24 pack now, you can ensure you'll have all the cloths you need, when you need them. You can also use these cloths with mild detergent to spot clean the body, and face pad of your Daydream. Best of all these microfiber cleaning cloths can be washed and dried, for as much reusability as you need.

Google Pixel Buds

With the latest round of google products launching, this year came their own set of Bluetooth earbuds. With a nifty carry case/charger and soft grips for your inner ear these buds were designed to work well with the Daydream View 2.0. The wireless earbuds are perfect for playing VR as well, they allow you full freedom of movement without the worry of getting your arm caught in the cords.

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Hard EVA Case

While the Daydream has a soft fabric case, it's still a good call to consider picking up a dedicated case for it. This is especially true if you plan on traveling and want to ensure that when you pack your headset it isn't undult jostled around. The Hard EVA case delivers some security and peace of mind, without breaking the bank in the process. This particular hard case will let you safely, and snugly, store your Daydream headset when it isn't in use.

Do you have a favorite Daydream accessory?

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Accessories can definitely amplify your experiences with Daydream, along with making sure that your headset is stored safely when it isn't in use. Do you have a favorite accessory? Did we miss an excellent addition to Daydream? Be sure to leave us a comment below!

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