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Bell HTC Incredible S pricing confirmed

By now, the only ones hiding the fact that the HTC Incredible S is coming to Canada are  some of the carriers that are going to be offering it. We've seen leak after leak happen since shortly after the device was announced and now The Source has confirmed one of the final pieces left in the puzzle -- the price. The off contract price was noted to be $499 from a previous Bell internal document and from the image above taken from The Source flyer looks like the 3-year contract pricing will be $99.95 while the 1-year is $474.95; 2-year is $449.95. Right now though, if you head on over to The Source website you'll still see the $499 3-year contract pricing listed there. [The Source (opens in new tab) via MobileSyrup]

  • I can barely last a year without getting a new phone :P I couldnt imagine 3 years! Might as well get it off contract rather than 1 or 2, they hardly shave off enough to make it worth it
  • No fricken way I'd pay that.
  • I would sign a 3 year contract with sprint for a $99 evo 3d. But only if I was able to upgrade every 12 months. Making anyone wait longer on any carrier is just robbery.
  • and on that kind of plan, when would the carrier ever make up their subsidy?
  • How do those prices even make sense? 1yr = $475, 2yr = $450, but a 3 year drops all the way down to $100? Crazy Canadians. :)
  • 450$ AND a 2 year contract? HHAHA No freakin way lolol
  • Since Bell owns The Source 100% since Circuit City went tits up, I'd say that's a pretty accurate "source". Canadians are used to being ripped off on everything, started years ago when they used the shitty exchange rate as an excuse, now it's just tradition.
  • And to think, some Americans are jealous of us living up here. Welcome to our hell.
  • Down to $0 dollars on a 3-year sentence- It's back up to $99