Beautiful Widgets sees significant update

Beautiful Widgets, the popular clock and weather app from Level Up Studios, saw a significant update this morning to version 3.3.  This update brought several welcome changes, including the new "Super Clock" widgets.  Besides for the obvious new look, these widgets are hi-res, allowing them to be scaled without quality loss.  You can also swap out the weather icon with one that shows you your battery status, or choose from one of the new clock only widgets if you only care about the time.

Beautiful Widgets was one of my first app downloads when I got my Droid over a year ago, and I've loved using it ever since.  Full changelog, market link, and two more screenshots after the break.

New Features in 3.3:

  • SuperClock Widgets: Modular, Hi-res widgets that can be scaled without quality loss.
  • New Live Wallpaper: Rewritten in OpenGL with improved weather effects, new grass, and the ability to change the background image.
  • Hi-Res notification icons
  • Gingerbread notification icons
  • Clock only layout options
  • You can now display the battery level instead of the weather

All three new Super Clock widgets

New OpenGL based wallpaper