Beamly aims for the big screen with upcoming Android TV app

Beamly, the television-themed social network interaction app for Android and iOS, has just announced it will support Android TV, allowing its features to be incorporated directly on TV screens that use Google's recently announced operating system.

Beamly's mobile app allows for consumers to have a second screen experience while watching TV, offering a schedule of shows and more importantly a way to check on how the audience is reacting to those shows in social networks such as Twitter. The company says that kind of interaction will expand with the Android TV version. Beamly says:

Incorporating the Beamly application into their Android TV devices allows manufacturers to deliver Beamly's second screen TV show games, votes, polls and interactions, as used by NBC, Viacom, Sky and other major broadcasters, directly into the show itself, allowing users to play along to popular shows from their phone or directly on the TV.

Beamly, which was previously known as zeebox before a branding change in April, says it is working with a number of television manufactorers who are developing Android TV-based products to incorporate their app into their TV, but adds that Beamly is open to any OEM who wishes to add the app into their smart TVs. There's no word on when the Beamly Android TV app will become available for consumers.

What do you think of this latest app made for Android TV?

Source: Beamly

John Callaham