BBQ texting contest sees unofficial new record using Swiftkey X

Speed texting has a new champion, and it all went down at the Big Android BBQ in Austin, TX this past weekend. 

The keyboard app used in the contest was Swiftkey X and with it the winner, Rachael Loncar, smashed the current world record of 35.54 second with her time of 10.7 seconds! 

The contestants were chosen by typing the phrase "The little green Android jumped over the lazy Apple" on day one.

The fastest 10 went on to attempt the official Guinness World Record phrase of; “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

The previous record was set using Swype, but the Swiftkey X prediction feature proved to be king, and with it won Rachael her very own Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If you haven't tried Swiftkey X yet, check out the download link below to the free trial version which gives you a month's free use.

via Swiftkey

Richard Devine
  • I still like Swype better.... I think swiftkey bites
  • To each their own...but swiftkey does not "bite". Best keyboard out there IMO and a hell of a lot of the android population.
  • 'unofficial' is the key word there. With the predictive text she didn't actually type the whole thing and isn't eligible for the Guinness record. And she used a tablet so is it really even texting?
  • Agreed. I hit CTRL-V to paste the entire sentence in .000001 seconds. Do I win?
  • Where they using Galaxy Tabs to type on? Cool accomplishment, regardless.
  • No, they were using their own phone with whatever keyboard they wanted (stock, swype, swiftkey, hardware, etc). I was there this weekend, I think she was using a G2x
  • I didn't think anything could beat swype .... until I got swiftkey.
  • SwiftKey X is king on my EVO 3D. Swipe is useless
  • The Swype that comes with phones (pre 3.0) is useless. The current beta version (3.25) works real well.
  • I switched to SwiftKey after about 5 min of using Swype on my dx.
  • 5 minutes using any keyboard is not enough time for a decision. But you can't go wrong with either of the 2.
  • It is described by itself in the market as being a tablet keyboard...does it also work for non-tablets?
  • Yes - and it is nice (despite being screen hungry) but there is a bug on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (UK version). This only effects the native Email application now, but unfortunately it makes the app virtually unusable. See my other post, below (or the SwiftKey help page) for details.
  • I use SwiftKey and Swipe on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sim Free UK version). Very Important: SwiftKey has a major bug when used in the native Samsung Email Client. Using the delete key repeats the data selected, effectively forever. I can use Swiftkey in any other application, even Gmail, on the same phone - but not the native Email Samsung application! A bunch of us have been trying to get this sorted through the SwiftKey help desk. It is one of the biggest bug report sections. Despite 3 updates over 2 months the bug lives on. As far as I can tell from my contact at SwiftKey, the bug is down to Samsung, not SwiftKey. HELP! Can someone at Android Central test this on US versions of the Galaxy S2 and see if they have the same bug? Thanks
  • Hi mate! I have an HTC Evo 3D and it also happens on an app i have (done by the company i work in). So, i think it is, in fact, a SwiftKey bug that "only shows" in certain apps.. it's now up to them to figure out which combination is doing that! but, despite this, it's the best keyboard i ever had!
  • I encountered this very bug when using swiftkey in's mobile page when making a comment on one of their article's, I use a Samsung Galaxy S 2, I find it very weird that they would say it's a Samsung issue when all other keyboards work fine.
  • I had same problem on my Samsung Captivate, namely with the whatsapp messaging application. Had to uninstall switftkey X, as a result. A free gingerbread keyboard port on the market right is working absolutely beautifully, with minimal RAM footprint.
  • As much as I love my SwiftKey X on my atrix, isn't it practically cheating? She's not actually typing the words, she's typing a couple letters of it and then choosing the word when it pops up. I guess you could say Swype shouldn't count either though, since you're not typing those words at all, you're simply gliding your finger through the letters. So, I'm torn on the rules lol.
  • This isn't kind of cheating - this is 100% cheating. I spent 5 minutes typing the phrase into my SMS app with SwiftKey X and was able to type it in 7 seconds. I can't believe they would even write about this.
  • My copy of SwiftKey X has the phrase BUILT-IN.
  • Here's an interesting psuedo-related tid-bit: "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" has been used in the past as a 'sample' sentence in various ways, including in typing and word processors. One notable distinction of this short sentence is that it contains all the letters of the English alphabet, which neither the Android BBQ sample or the official Guiness sample text does.
  • where is the "s" letter? edit: the correct sentence is "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
  • I'm sure they had lots of practice before competing in the finals. Once the phrase has been entered correctly once, Swiftkey X will basically recall the text after the first word or two is entered. At that point, all the user needs to do is keep hitting the space bar. Nonetheless, good to see something like this going on at the event. It looks like Swiftkey was on hand to show support :)
  • This is true, if she was allowed to use her own phone then all she had to do was practice it on her keyboard once or twice and it would have memorized it. Then all she basically had to do was type maybe even 2 words and then spacebar FTW. This is why these competitions should hand out devices to all contestants so everyone is on even ground.
  • Where in the story does it say they got to practice using the phrase they where given?
  • Swiftkey is still free on GetJar. I personally use Swiftkey for two thumb writing and Swype for one hand texting. I was hoping the new TouchPal would let me do both with one but it still needs polishing.
  • Have both swiftkey and swype and definitely prefer swiftkey.
  • I actually started with swiftkeyX & now use SlideIT.. I used swype to.. But can't stand it, when I want some change I go back to SwiftkeyX.. I like having both...
  • As others have pointed out, all anyone had to do is train their Swiftkey X to learn the Guinness phrase, at which point all she had to do was hit space. Completely bogus record. Swype at least covered all the letters.
  • And $10 says I can still type faster then her on a QWERTY phone.
  • Methinks y'all are being kinda hard on Rachael... She did beat everyone else. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten past "The razortoothed..." before she was done. I'd hope that the sentence wouldn't be available to review ahead of time... The quick brown fox sentence either uses "jumps" or "dogs" for the 's'. There are a number of sentences that use every letter. This is one of the more popular ones. And really shouldn't be used in contests because of that. Just now starting to like swype. Haven't tried swiftkey yet, but will have to.
  • I use Swiftkey on my TF and Swype on my Incredible.
    I think Swiftkey is great for larger phones but my hands are too big to text with a regular virtual keyboard
  • Speaking of Swiftkey, how can I get it to stop auto adding words like and, the etc..???
  • Check app settings, you can turn off what the middle box, ie autocorrect does :)
  • This "record" goes beyond cheating. Rachael didn't even have to teach the Guinness phrase to SwiftKey X, IT COMES BUILT-IN. Obscure words like "Serrasalmus" and "Pygocentrus" are already in the dictionary and the prediction is pre-programmed with the Guinness phrase. Download a clean install of SwiftKey X and see for yourself. Still, congrats to Rachael anyway. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an awesome tablet. Android Central, please vet these press releases before posting them as news articles. Thank you! :)