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BBC iPlayer update coming in the new year, finally bringing 3G streaming

The BBC have come out today with some information regarding a future update to their Android offering, which will finally bring 3G streaming to the application. 

With 1.2 million downloads on Android alone, the decision to bring 3G streaming to the iPlayer will prove to be a popular one. The BBC have been working alongside British carriers to introduce the feature while keeping the viewing experience of a high quality. They're not quite finished with the Android version yet, as there's still work to be done "to improve the video playback experience." They expect to launch the updated app in the new year.

Source: BBC

  • Can you download this in america yet or is it still uk only?
  • Don't think iPlayer in any form will ever be available outside the UK, too many nasty licensing issues.
  • That's so lame.
  • The USA has exported its culture all over the planet via Hollywood and US TV network syndication. By locking down overseas use of BBC's iPlayer the UK is fast losing its best chance at remaining a player in the future of entertainment. Pity about that...
  • There is a global iOS app, subscription based (we pay a licence fee in the uk for the bbc) but its not made it to the US yet either. Never say never, it could happen one day :-)
  • I can't believe we're still waiting for a version that works on tablets running Android 3.2 and above.