When's the next playtest for Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Best answer: Currently, Electronic Arts is preparing for a small batch of playtests for Battlefield Mobile to roll out in Indonesia and the Philippines in fall 2021.

What is Battlefield Mobile?

Initially announced back in April 2021, Battlefield Mobile is a game that DICE and Industrial Toys are developing specifically for mobile platforms, intending to bring a fully-fledged, skill-based experience into players' pockets. While this could mean that DICE hopes to have a general skill floor for players of all experiences, it also hints at what the developers are trying to accomplish while crafting what it believes will be one of the best Android games available.

Taking the world of Battlefield and shrinking it down into a more competitive experience while trying to keep their epic scale could work, in theory. DICE has also mentioned that Battlefield Mobile will be its own standalone product and a "completely different" one than any current Battlefield iterations.

When is the next playtest?

At this time, no playtests for Battlefield Mobile have taken place, but Electronic Arts is preparing to change that. Unfortunately, not many people will be getting the chance to try the game at first. According to a FAQ about the game on EA's Answer HQ, the company said it would be "steadily rolling out" with a series of tests in Indonesia and the Philippines currently planned to become available sometime this fall.

EA also noted that these playtests will only be available on Android devices. However, EA has said that as testing continues, the size and regions of the tests will be expanded to fit the new information. While this may not be the most exciting news for gamers outside of those countries, signing up for news on when you'll be next to get into the playtest is fairly easy.

Electronic Arts says that once the game becomes available in your region, simply pre-registering for the game in your local Google Play Store is all you need to do. From there, you'll be "informed automatically when the playtesting opens up in your area."

A release on the horizon

Currently, there isn't much information on when Battlefield Mobile will release or even when a wider playtesting session may come out. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts has only given a vague "2022" release date window, so fans will have to be a bit patient with this one.

With the game likely still in the very early stages of development, it seems like DICE and Industrial Toys are taking a much slower approach to things and choosing to get as much feedback as possible before showcasing Battlefield Mobile off to a wider audience.

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