Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+ now on sale in the UK

After a month on pre-order, Barnes & Noble has launched its Nook HD and Nook HD+ in the UK. The tablets are available in retail locations and from B&N directly at its online store.

Announced in September, B&N's new tablets will go head-to-head with Amazon's Kindle series, as well as Apple's iPad and iPad Mini, and Google's latest round of Nexus tablets.

The Nook HD features a 1440x900 display, and is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM. The Nook HD+ bumps this up to 1920x1080 ("Full HD"), along with a small CPU speed increase to 1.5GHz. The HD is priced at Nexus 7-matching £159, while the HD+ can be yours for £229.

Anyone in the UK considering picking one of these up over the weekend?

Source: Nook UK

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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