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Windows version of doubletwist for Android updated, now with Market search

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Just as we reported they would, the folks at doubleTwist have updated their Windows application, and a good program just got better.  Here's the official announcement from their user forums:Please give a warm welcome to Windows version, released late last night, 5.31.2010 goodies include:* Upgrade back-end stuff in preparation for our soon to be released Android music player...

The altek Leo 14MP smartphone -- possibly running Android, definitely gianormous

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Sometimes we all like to sit back in our chairs and speculate about what fresh innovative ideas will turn up next in the smartphone world.  I'll bet none of us saw this coming.  Rather than put a camera on a smartphone, it looks like altek has put a smartphone in a camera.  Not a lot of details yet, and we're not even sure it will be running Android -- but the home, back and menu...

Samsung Behold II gets updated to Donut (Android 1.6), but the sweets stop there

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The Samsung Behold II is finally getting updated from cupcake (Android 1.5), but it's not exactly what you'd expect.  It's a big drawn out mess of pulled youtube videos, supposed broken promises, random forum posts, and even threat of some sort of legal action. Thankfully the good folks over at Phone Scoop reached out for the official word from Samsung and Kim Titus, the Director of PR...