AT&T's newest data plan offers 7GB for $75

AT&T's added another tier to their Mobile Share Value data plans: 7GB for $75. Of course, that's just for the data, but if you're thinking about grabbing a new smartphone at the same time and go with AT&T's Next payment plan option for a new smartphone, they'll cut the $40 smartphone access charge down to just $15/month.

That equals out to $90/month in service charges for 7GB of data plus unlimited talk and text, plus whatever the payment rate is for the smartphone and Next payment plan you select might be (AT&T offers Next plans that spread the cost of the phone out over 18, 24, or 30 months). AT&T will even let you add up to three new smartphones at the cut-down $15 access fee, so that's all-in for $120/month.

For comparison's sake, the $70 6GB plan jumps up to $110 with just one smartphone added at the standard $40 line access rate.

AT&T's new 7GB plan comes the week after Verizon cut most of their data plans by $10 and added tiers between 10GB and 20GB. Sure, you have to buy a new smartphone (or three) to get the real savings associated with AT&T's new plans, but it just so happens that we're likely to see some fancy new flagship smartphones very soon.

Source: AT&T

Derek Kessler

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