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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 review

That's all we need to write, right? The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) really doesn't need too much preamble at this point, having been released overseas for several weeks now. We covered the launch event in London. It's a big, sleek, powerful phone. And it's coming to AT&T this week. And it's doing so in exactly the same form factor as we see abroad.

It's not quite that simple, of course. While it looks exactly the same on the outside (and on the software side as well) AT&T -- like the other U.S. carriers and a few in Canada -- has a slightly different version under the hood. And this is AT&T we're talking about, so we'd better open things up to make sure nobody's hidden anything up their sleeve.

Ready for some more Galaxy S3 goodness? Dive on in for our AT&T Galaxy S3 mini-review.


  • Samsung's hardware lives up to its reputation. The display is large, but excellent, with a high resolution. The processor is powerful, with plenty of RAM to spare. Is running the most recent version of Android. Has a great camera. AT&T's LTE is fast as ever.


  • It's time for TouchWiz to go. Samsung's custom user interface doesn't do the hardware justice, and it serves to muddy the latest Android design guidelines. Many of the added features are buried under layers of menus.

The Bottom Line

Don't dwell on the negatives. If you don't like TouchWiz (and we don't), you can install apps to hide it a good deal. Or you can wait for custom ROMs to be released. The phone's design is excellent, and the price is right at $199 on contract. The Galaxy S3 is well worth a look on AT&T.

Wait! Why a Galaxy S III min​i-review?

We know, right? Why not 5,000 words on the merits of the Galaxy S III and how it's the greatest phone ever! Well, we've already done that. Go read Alex's review of the international version. It'll cover 80 percent of what you need to know about the Galaxy S3 on AT&T. (By the way, we're treating the other U.S. versions of the Galaxy S3 the same way, so nobody's getting short-changed here.)

"But, Phil!" you cry. "They're different phones!" And you're right. The versions of the Galaxy S3 you'll find in the United States have more RAM and a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor instead of a quad-core Exynos. And we'll get to that. But aside from the chipset and added RAM, and a smattering of carrier-branded apps, and a logo on the back, the phones are exactly the same. Same physical design. Same dimensions. Same software.

But pick two people off the street who don't live and breathe smartphones, and they'll never know the difference. So, with that in mind, read on. We'll talk about the differences, and what you need to know for the phone on AT&T.

The Galaxy S3 one-take walkthrough

The AT&T Galaxy S3 hardware

If you're new to the Galaxy S3 party, here's the skinny. You've got a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED (don't you dare call it Super AMOLED HD) display at 720x1280 resolution. And it's pretty darn good. Maybe not quite as good as what HTC has in its One X, but it's still really good. (That many pixels will cure what ails ya.) So there's that.

Because AT&T'S GSIII is the same as the Euro version, you should also know that it's gone funky down below (not unlike the Bamboos, we imagine. But we digress.) The GSII has an elongated home/multitasking/S Voice button in the middle, flanked by an actual menu button (much to Google's Chagrin, we imagine) on the left, and a back button on the right. If you've used any Ice Cream Sandwich phone previously, this will take some getting used to, and we're not entirely jazzed by the change. (And if you hold the phone in your left hand, good luck reaching that back button.)

The phone itself is glossy plastic, and we're digging the curves. The back cover comes off to reveal the 2100 mAh battery, microSD card slot and SIM card slot. The microUSB port is at the bottom, and the volume rocker and power button are in the usual place for Samsung, on opposite sides of the phone. The 3.5mm headphone jack is up top.

Under the hood, the AT&T GSIII has the aforementioned Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor running at 1.5 GHz. Yes, it's a dual-core processor. No, it's not less powerful than a quad-core. In fact, we found it to be as powerful (if not more so) and provide better battery life on the AT&T HTC One X than the Tegra 3 version did on the international HOX. So no worries there. And Samsung's bumped the available RAM up to a full 2 gigabytes. That means Sammy's TouchWiz user interface is smooth as butter, and there's plenty of RAM left over for apps.

This phone is fast.

Storage-wise, AT&T's opted to only offer a 16-gigabyte version. (Other carriers have 32GB options.) It's not the end of the world, given that you can also have up to a 64-gigabyte microSD card for a total of 80GB (give or take), but we'd still prefer the option to horde as many gee-bees as possible.

As far as battery life goes, AT&T's Galaxy S3 has performed admirably. We're easily getting 12 to 15 hours of moderate use, with a lot of Wifi mixed in with spurts on 3G. That's on par with what we've see on the HTC One X on AT&T, and that makes sense give that they're both running the Qualcomm S4. Of course, they have different display technologies, and the GSIII has a slightly larger battery at 2100 mAh. But the bottom line is you're not going to be struggling to get through a day. And while 4G LTE usage will use more power, you do have the option to swap in a fresh battery if need be. Point, Samsung.

The AT&T Galaxy S3 software

It's deja vu all over again. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is running Android 4.0.4 with the new "TouchWiz Nature UX" custom user interface. If you're used to Ice Cream Sandwich, you can get un-used to a lot of it. Samsung's doing its own thing here, and it's not always to the benefit of the user. Paradigms have shifted yet again. For all the complaining we've done about developers not updating their apps to live in a world without menu buttons, Samsung's brought us back down that road again. 

We're not going to dive too deep into TouchWiz and its myriad features here. For that full experience, read Alex Dobie's ridiculously excellent TouchWiz walkthrough.

The short version is that Samsung's all up in here with TouchWiz. If you didn't like it before, you're not going to like it now. Whereas Google and even HTC have scaled back on the UI candy, Samsung's forging ahead with all its colorful design guns blazing. High points: A great customizable lock screen (though the settings are kind of buried and not exactly intuitive to find), and the TouchWiz UI is fast. (Again, having 2GB of RAM means never having to say you're sorry.)

As far as apps are concerned, AT&T's done well to not clunk up your app drawer too badly. In fact, save for the My AT&T and YPmobile apps, AT&T's kept its hands off. The same can't be said for Samsung, which has all sorts of sharing options, that blasted Kies app and a host of other gesture gimmicks tucked throughout the phone. (Again, we point  you to our TouchWiz walkthrough.)

You might have heard about Samsung's S Voice as being a competitor to Apple's Siri. It's not. It's a handy voice-action app, but it's not nearly as good as Siri. Be sure to use the "What can I say?" option.

It's all a bit much. I've been using the Apex launcher (which runs smooth as butter) and it's at least partly like using a stock Android device again. Some ROM action likely will be in my future.

The AT&T Galaxy S3 camera

If you've used Samsung's camera app before, you'll be plenty familiar here. It remains functional as ever, but the camera app's definitely starting to look long in the tooth when it comes to design. We'd love to see a refresh here. Still, you've got plenty of scene and mode options, including panorama, HDR and macro.

The rear camera fires off at 8 megapixels. The front camera does so at 1.2MP. And photos, as we've come to expect from Samsung, are pretty darn good.

(Note: We had a tragic hard-reset accident with our sample images. We'll snag some new ones when it's light out. In the meantime, they're exactly the same as on the Sprint GSIII.)

​Other odds and ends

  • NFC and Wifi Direct are on board, of course, and they work just fine. But Google Wallet's still a Sprint-only deal here in the states. It's a no-go on AT&T.
  • The speakerphone is loud, but music might overpower it. Back things down a notch or two.
  • No problems reported with Bluetooth or GPS.
  • Samsung's keyboard is the only one loaded by default. We'd recommend finding another one.
  • If you're in an area that has AT&T 4G LTE, get ready to rock and/or roll.
  • If white or blue aren't your thing, AT&T will have a red version of the Galaxy S III later this summer.
  • The notification light is bright, like a beacon in the night. Or something.
  • You have the option of whether to use AT&T Wifi hotspots. That option is missing on the HTC One X.
  • Oh, and before you do anything with the Galaxy S III, turn off the annoying water droplet sound.

The wrap-up

Potential Android smartphone buyers on AT&T have a tough choice, and one we don't necessarily envy them. (Though there's also not really a wrong answer here.) The HTC One X, as you'll recall from our review, is a fine phone. As is the Samsung Galaxy S III. What we don't enjoy in software the phone more than makes up for on the hardware side. Battery life is excellent, as is performance. It's just that we've grown weary of Samsung's TouchWiz. It just doesn't match the sophistication of the hardware, and it undermines the spirit of what Google's done in Ice Cream Sandwich.

But would we buy this phone? Absolutely. It should be plenty hackable. It's powerful enough to be tweaked without rooting, if that's how you roll. And AT&T's network is more solid than ever, though we'd like to see more 4G LTE cities lighting up.

Would we buy the Galaxy S III over the HTC One X? Look for that in a future post. But the GSIII easily stands on its own merits and is worth a long, hard look.

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  • "You might have heard about Samsung's S Voice as being a competitor to Apple's Siri. It's not." Umm that isn't what a dozen other European reviews are saying. Most have said its pretty much on par with Siri, and that they both generally suck. I've spent WAY too much time watching and reading reviews. I think its bordering on an addiction at this point. -.-
  • Everyone knows that the real value of Siri/S Voice will come when voice control integrates into 3rd party apps. Until then, it's a nice tool, but not something I'd really rely on.
  • Something that Google is currently working on, voice control that is usable in all apps....much like the MIC button on the keyboard is in all apps. Hopefully they will give developers the tools they need to tie their apps into the voice control system even more.
  • i sideloaded s voice a few weeks ago onto my galaxy nexus. no root necessary. alot of my friends have Siri. it does all the same stuff that is useful. what it wont do is call you rock god or tell you a joke. wow. i dont know how i even make it through the day.... it does all the productive things like weather, srtting reminders and appointments, launching apps, navigation, and web searches. its not even close to perfect but on par with siri.
  • No way it is on par with Siri and I don't even like Siri.
  • Phil... Nice review.. As an Android noob, this phone looks like a great way to move out of the Apple ecosystem and from what I read, it has the same camera as the iP4S. What I wonder is why it is you bad wrap Touch Wiz so much, when Samsung has easily outsold HTC. To me that shows you may be in the minority. But I'm well aware that everyone has their preferences and it's obvious yours is Sense. My problem with the One X is the sealed back, lack of microSD, protruding camera lens and what appears to be inconsistent manufacturing (in the One X forum there have been some folks that have swapped phones 5 or 6 times already and still having the same problem).
  • No TW is just bad. it badly needs overhauled (lets face it, they are not getting rid of it) It takes far too long to wade through the layers to get what you want. The first thing I do with my samsung phones is put a launcher on it. Your right about the One X, and that is why it will be the 5th best smartphone of the year when the year is over...
  • if it was that bad people would not be buying it and for the geeks yh they dont like tw but the non geeks or people that dont read AC etc actually do like tw.also tw is simple to use,i have never felt like it takes too long to do something and infact it does alot of things much quicker than stock...also tw is much less ram hungry than sense...although i do agree that stock ics looks much better,i just dont think it will appeal to to the mass market as much,just look at how much the galaxy nexus was marketed yet the sales are not even that high for samsung or google to even report sales...clearly if it was in the millions,samsung and google would be bragging..also tw does bring alot enhancements and nice touches that stock does not have like notification toggles,seperate app and widget draw,slide contact left or right to call or message,swipe up in call to send message etc was first on tw before i said stock looks nice but samsung brings alot in tw and clearly it is workings as the mass market is buying millions of galaxy would be stupid of samsung to get rid of tw and most likely they will lose a lot of there current customers..end of the day the people that really want stock will just install a custom rom or buy a nexus..average user will not buy the s3 if they dont like tw
  • phil uses the one x as his main phone, so you can see why he doesn't have love for TW.
  • EXACTLY!! Since the One X came out, I have noticed Phil has been clearly biased towards Sense and One X, even to the point of saying incessantly when the Evo came out that "it's just a Sprint One X!" when it is clearly not, in many ways. Phil says that Touch UX has "run it's course" and that "we" don't like it (you know how people always change their personal opinion to a we/collective opinion to make it sound definitive) but he doesn't really ever say why. He says that certain options or features are buried in menu options, but doesn't show any examples besides trying to get to display/auto brightness from the notification bar. Phil, your judgement as an analyst/critic is being overshadowed for your love for phone of choice, the One X, where any new phone that debuts thereafter is automatically fundamentally flawed or "just a One X variant".
  • He does say why he doesn't like it. It bogs down the user experience. If you don't like Touchwiz don't use it. I use Go Launcher instead of TW.. Sense sucks because its a cpu hog. All UIs by the manufacture are just bloatware. The latest HTC series should not be compared to those phones who have removable batteries and the ability to expand the storage capacity. HTC screwed the pooch when they made the X,S and One
  • This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^......100% agree. Very biased.
  • Agreed. It was a great review, but I get so sick of the unwritten rule that every single review must bag on the UI of whatever company made the phone. Sense always has to suck, TouchWiz always sucks, Blur sucks........yet no one ever gives specifics on why. I'm not asking for generalizations such as "you have to go through the menus to get things." Well if there weren't menus, then the screen would be all gummed up with crap. Menus are a way to organize the phone's functions. I just don't get all the hate on these skins or whatever you want to call them.
  • I think i saw a video regarding the quick-adjust brightness. If you quickly tap the drop down bar 3 - 4 times, and move your finger left to right it will increase/decrease the brightness.
  • My Droid Charge does that... just push and works great.
  • The only reason I might use a SGS3 is to keep extending my return policy to possibly snag an Atrix 3. I love my One X though.
  • Hey, I have a Atrix 2. Motorola will never see a penny from me nor a drop of sweat from between my legs. They screwed me with my Atrix2. And it kills me there techies are busy climbing Bannana trees in the phillapines. Hope Sanjay their CEO goes to hell.
  • Climbing banana trees? Whether yur Filipino or not, this is both RACIST and not funny. Dunno how this gets past the board mods, or is it open season here for dumbassery?
  • It's bad enough to be a racist pig; it's even worse to be one who can't spell.
  • Sanjay stepped down when the Google acquisition completed. Dennis Woodside (from Google) is now CEO.
  • You're comment should be deleted for its ignorance and racism. Also the fact you didn't know that Sanjay is gone shows how clueless you are.
  • Wow... I get the whole "we hate touchwiz" thing but come on folks. Get a damn nexus if you want vanilla android and quit bitching already. TW works and its here to stay, get over it. Great phone wish they would have stuck with the gs2 size though... even with a gs2 I still find myself placing the phone in my back pocket.
  • Wow nothing. Touchwiz sucks.....plain and simple.
  • just cause you dont like tw does not mean that its a fact..clearly tw is good for many many many millions of people otherwise they would not keep buying galaxy phones..if a person says androids sucks plain and simple does that mean android is rubbish no,different things appeal to different people...imo stock looks better but i can easily use tw and i do on my s3 although with nova launcher..compared to sense tw is god cause sense is just a ram hog
  • I have no problems with TouchWiz and I prefer it over Sense any day.
  • Tegra 3?
  • I caught that Boo Boo Too... He meant the Mighty Exynos Quad-Core 1,400 S3.. Tegra 3 = The Hox.
  • he messed up a few times. he said tegra 3 and later he referred to the gs3 as the galaxy s II
  • The honesty and integrity of the Editor Phil and staff outshine their competition on quality or lack of of on other sites. Honesty, Integrity, not.weighting it down with personal bias likes a dislikes.
    Android Central is the place to be, if you want to be in the knowingly
  • too bad there was no honesty when reviewing the one x. Multitasking anyone?
  • I agree. There is no way Phil missed it is there? I have to assume that for whatever reason he just didn't feel the need to mention it. Doesn't make sense to me.
  • Because it isn't that big of a issue. Most users, and folks here aren't most users, are never going to notice it. I haven't noticed it.
  • most users and folks that dont come on AC could careless if they have stock ics and clearly by being android leaders, most users actually like tw..the article shouldnt say that tw is rubbish etc but should rather imo tw for the geeks will be a no go but for mass market tw makes sense or something along those cant right off tw when its on the number one selling android phones,if tw was as bad as some people like to say then it would not be selling as much.
  • I like phil and the gang, I really do. But they are just as bias as any other android site. He downplayed the Note and now he is downplaying the Galaxy 3 over TW, really? Guess what, the rest of us knew the Note was a hit and it was. And we know the Galaxy 3 will crush the HTC flagship in sales and in Rom support. The lease bias and the member I enjoy reading the most is Alex. He just seams to get it. Remember the whole blind love affair with the Nexus? I didn't know anyone who bought that phone.
  • Phil, why did you say the International Version comes with a Tegra 3? YOu should correct that mistake in the first paragraph. Also, to others. TouchWiz isn't bad at all on this verison. No matter what TouchWiz does, I think AC is set out to hate it already.
  • +1
  • As much as I think TW doesn't suck, I'd never use it for longer than required to switch to another launcher. It just isn't what I want, and I know I'm not alone.
  • How does this compare to the One X when it comes to multitasking and fluidity?
  • Based on what I've seen on Youtube for the International model, it multitasks perfectly (unlike the HOX). No flames please, it's a fact. I have reproduced it myself (it's actually worse than iOS in some regards).
  • To be honest all these manufacturers' OS skins have run their course. I wish Google could put their foot down and standardise the OS buyers can expect out-of-the -box.
  • Pretty good review but wrong spec on front facing camera. Should be 1.9 MP camera instead of 1.2 MP stated in the review. Also, I would like to know how it (AT&T) compare to international version with Exynos processor. I.e. extra 1GB of RAM any difference? Regarding Touch Wiz interface, I really liked it on my Galaxy Nexus (installed SG3 TW add-on). So, it is a matter of preference.
  • No offense Phil but boy oh boy, do you sound "burnt out"... It surprised me how "bored of the phone" you acted thruout your entire review. Make no mistake, i was super thrilled to see YOUR video as the FIRST U.S. version (finally) I've seen a lot of your vids and know ur style is pretty much "here folks, this is what we got, no big deal", i've never really seen you "excited or impressed", (from what the comments are saying maybe i should see ur review of the One X : ) but i think you should at least try to keep your reviews a little "less prejudicial" in the future, if you can. Many of us who consider phones to soon be our "adopted children" take it quite personally when you critisize them (before you even get to know them) I know you rush to get these vids and reviews up for a very eagerly awaiting public and you don't have time to "TOTALLY familiarize yourself with every nuance of the device", but you should at least add that as a disclaimer so u don't seem so harsh (and sometimes silly : ) when u say "it DOESN'T do this or that and it turns out it INDEED DOES"... I hope you realize around these parts to many you are like a "Demi G*d" so when you "pooh pooh" a device everyone is soooo excited about, it kinda kills the buzz, cuz ppl really value ur opinion, so keep that in mind if u can : ) For instance, when i FIRST saw you had a review up i was over the moon delighted, but once u got thru tossing them around and being hyper critical i was like "eh, ok, maybe its not the end all phone..." Anyways, this is only one gal's opinion, i'm prolly wayyyy off, don't flame me y'all, i love Android Central and think its the best forum out there : ) thanx again for the review Phil
  • You are way off. Seek professional help.
  • How excited could you possibly be about an iterative device? Seriously, we're approaching a saturation point. So unless someone releases a phone that goes one full week on a single charge or does something truly innovative, our minds won't be blown...
  • Have you done any multitasking tests on both the International model and the US one? I'd like to know if the 2GB really allows us to have more open without having the oldest app removed from memory, causing a reload of said app. Also, how much of that 2GB is available for use? If I recall, the Intl model has 1 GB but only around 760MB reported usable.
  • Like the HOX, the Adreno and 4g LTE radio take up almost 400mb leaving you around 1.62. Source: Phonedog.
  • Phi hit the nail on the head when he said TW needs to go. Samsung better stick to Android and not try and develop their own OS if TW is any indication of what they develop in house. Great hardware can only take you so far and at the end of the day it's the user experience that counts.
  • Can I ask you personally if you have given the new Touchwiz a try? Alex didn't hate it as much but I know Phil is a fan or maybe fanboy of Sense. I own/ed both the Hox and Touchwiz, both interfaces were about equal in use.
  • Which HSDPA bands are supported the AT&T version? I want to know if this can be used overseas (I know this has LTE, and I am not asking about the LTE bands) for 3G. Is it penta-band like the Galaxy Nexus?
  • For every person that doesn't like TW, there are probably about 10,000 or more that do. Samsung's sales records indicate that TW is what their customer base wants, and as long as they are selling millions and millions of phones they are not going to change it. People harp on Samsung about the use of a Pentile displays, flexible plastic back covers, and Touchwiz, but with all these supposed negatives, Samsung is laughing all the way to the bank. They have leaped so far ahead of their competitors (those with alleged superior build quality and launchers) that it's not even funny anymore. My hope would be that OEM's would install their launchers out of the box, but give the user the option to turn it off and go vanilla Android if they desire. But in the end, what drives business is customer demand. Unless the bulk of their customers demand something other than Touchwiz, or require a use of materials such as Apple or HTC uses, then Samsung will continue down the path it's on. They are the number 1 smartphone maker in the world. That didn't happen by mistake. They obviously are doing what the bulk of the world prefers, and until their sales start going south I don't see any reason they would motivated to change. I for one, will be one more sale they will pick up. I own the G-Note which IMO is the best all-in-one device on the market. But with Pentile display, plastic back cover, and Touchwiz included I will still be buying a GS3.
  • Pretty sure touchwiz isn't the reason everyone wants a samsung phone. They built good hardware, with decent battery life and has a camera that doesn't suck. Have you ever heard someone with a HTC/Moto/LG saying they wish they could have TW on their device?
  • I've never heard anyone say they wish they had Sense on their Samsung phone.
  • That was my point. No one buy a phone because of the skin. They buy it for the looks/build, battery life and camera. Not necessarily in that order. Skin isn't in the top 20.
  • @gdbr: I did not suggest or even imply that people buy Samsung phones because of TW. So your point: "No one buys a phone because of the skin" does not apply to my comment. The actual point I was making was that for all the complaints people have about TW, those complaints have not stopped Samsung from being the #1 smartphone maker. My response was to Phil's (and quite a few others) suggestion that Samsung needed to ditch TW and/or either use pure Android on their devices.
  • I guess I misunderstood it when you said "Samsung's sales records indicate that TW is what their customer base wants"
  • Few typos. Mentioned GSII when you meant GSIII. Also...front shooter is 1.9 not 1.2.
    On that note...I ordered one from Verizon. Can't wait!
  • All white phones have an issue with halo affects around buttons that light up as well as LED.. the white 9700 and the 9900 blackberry LED makes a crazy halo... nice review.. i too don't like how they got rid of the delete apps from the appdrawer.. don't know why they got rid of that..
  • Listen folks... If you are hating on Touchwiz, certainly it's your opinion, but sales don't back you up. Go put a launcher from the Play Store (I still hate that name!) or root the phone & put a custom ROM on it. I'm sure there will be tens of dozens. Me personally, my first Android phone was a Samsung Fascinate. Touchwiz & all things considered it was an excellent phone. I had other issues but for the most part Touchwiz wasn't one of them. In fact if I'm being honest, it was a superior phone to this Rezound I'm currently using (as far as hacking & modifying are concerned). Finally let me remind a bunch of you that the Cyanogen guy does work for Samsung now. He got the gig over a yr ago so I'd surmise he has some involvement with this phone & Touchwiz. I think that says more than all the complaints from a small but vocal minority on the blogs.
  • I choose the One X and I'm VERY happy with my choice. Since they pretty much are a dead heat in hardware, out weighting each other in areas, it came down to design, and the One X just looks better to me. P.S. The One X screen is just amazing. Samsung really dropped the ball here.
  • Dead heat? Really? Removable battery, SD Card slot, and 2 GB of RAM is dropping the ball? HTC dropped the ball by not having 2 GB of ram on the One X so it could multitask and not kill tasks immediately. The screen on the One X is that much better? I have one on my desk. I'll let you know when I get the SGS 3. I'll keep the HOX long enough before I put it on ebay.
  • I want to see the Galaxy/One Smackdown
  • This is what I want to see too!
  • Hey Phil,
    Did I miss the run done on How the radios work?
  • Some of you people don't make sense at all. I don't have an opinion about the "new" TW yet but when you say, it must be great because it sells a lot you sound silly. If that's the case, I wouldn't want to see any of those people saying iPhone sucks. Because of its selling it must be great right? No, only if it's a device you like. Hypocrites.
  • Does anyone know if there is a noticeable difference in battery life speed and heat output of the international vs. north american version.
  • You all Samsung haters should respect us.. We are the majority here, we are on top of the Android world.. Even if all the other Android users who uses HTC, LG, Sony, etc. are easily outnumbered by Samsung fans / consumers. Without Samsung & We, their consumers, Android will be just non-existent to Apple. So you all should bow down to us and the mighty Galaxy S3.. Thanks.
  • Phil I know on the att version you installed Apex Launcher, but I can recommend Nova Prime has a bit more features versus Apex and something that work perfectly, backup and restore of home screens on Nova Prime. Plus the prime for 4 bucks, offers some cool swiping options!
  • The US variant of the GS3 has a lower quality audio processor which has background hiss issues.
  • I've seen the S-Voice in action. It turns features on and off. Siri does not understand when you give it a request to Turn WiFi On or OFF. Siri is a bit faster with the response times. Also, Siri does have a bit more "human" to it vs S-Voice which is more "robotic."
  • If they included an option to turn TW off it would solve the issue... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for custom UI's if they meet two standards: 1- they don't completely hog RAM (HTC I'm looking at you, lol) and 2- they actually add some cool stuff to the phone. I really don't mind TW or Sense (especially Sense 4, loooove it) except for those little things that irk a lot of people. But if there was an option to deactivate TW without rooting and going with a different ROM I think Samsung would have struck absolute gold. Never owned one, but didn't the OG EVO 4G have something like that?