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AT&T's HTC One X+ has an Android 4.2.2 OTA on the way

And everyone knows ahead of time this will be its last update

In an unfortunate flow of events, HTC has just confirmed that the last update for the AT&T variant of the HTC One X+ is on its way to users. After independently confirming to users that the One X and One X+ will not move beyond Android 4.2.2, HTC has just explained that that very update has passed testing and will be hitting AT&T users' devices later this week.

Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 customizations will be a solid improvement to a device that went on sale back in October of 2012, but it will always come bittersweet knowing ahead of time that it will be the last software update that handset will ever see.

If you're using an HTC One X+ on AT&T, be sure to keep an eye on your device for an update in the coming days.

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Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Why HTC? I ALMOST AGREE WITH what richardyarell said about updates , almost Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5
  • 4.4.2? Don't you mean 4.2.2 Posted via Android Central App
  • They do they'll fix it I wish it was true Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5
  • Yes of course! I was bound to mess that up eventually :P .
  • Hey Andrew, I have a question I've always wondered, why doesn't Android Central do email notifications of forum replies? Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
  • He won't know you asked him that since he won't get an email notifying him about your reply. :-P Posted via Android Central App
  • LOL
  • LOL! Serioously though, it is strange how AC doesn't offer this, when all the other MN sites (except for WebOS) offers this.
  • It's about G.D. time! This update should hold me over until my next upgrade.
  • i was a big supporter of HTC, now it seems like HTC is going in the wrong direction. just one update and thats very late especially when KitKat is out
  • Yep which is one of the reasons I stopped buying their phones. I had the Amaze and they dropped support after 6 months... it was a flagship phone too. Posted via Android Central App
  • From what I've read the problems are with the tegra 3. Which might explain why no other device other than the nexus 7 ever got past 4.2. Not officially anyways...
  • Blocks.. Nexus 7 2012 has Tegra 3 and rume 4.4.2 easily... Posted via Android Central App
  • Neither the One X or One X+ use the same Tegra 3 as the N7. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC has been really supporting the One quite well and they really don't have much manpower left for updates given their issues... It's really sad that it took this update so long to get integration and certification from AT&T. But what I expect happened (and this is pure speculation)was the update was delayed and HTC was going to try to skip 4.2.2 and move to 4.3 and they were told by nVidia that there wouldn't be support for anything past 4.2.2 with the One X+'s chipset and Integration and Certification took to the back-burner while they were working on the KitKat update for the One... I think I'm going to stand behind HTC for at least another device... I really hope things get better for them
  • What about the one x? Posted via Android Central App
  • Its dead, let it go
  • Its time to move on besides This phone came out in early 2012 so your soon probably up for a new phone depends on when you got it of course Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5
  • No upgrade til august. Yaay. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can u live with 4.2.2? It nots like eclair or something Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5
  • On 4.1 at the moment. My original question was whether or not the one x, not the one x+ would be getting the upgrade to 4.2.2. So yeah, I suppose I could live with it. Posted via Android Central App
  • That and the evo 4G lte are supposed to get 4.3
  • The update for the One X should arrive sometime next week. Posted via Android Central App
  • Source? (I'm hoping it's true since my wife has one and isn't due for upgrade until late May)
  • Thanks for the follow up!
  • One X 4.2.2 update next week according to HTC
  • Are there apps that are built optimized for 4.3 or 4.4? Just trying to figure out what my Android runtime on my device (4.2.2) is missing out on? Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30
  • not a ton, things you really will not miss.
  • App developers right now are targeting 4.0+ or in rare cases 4.1+. You really won't find anything that is only compatible with 4.3+.
  • You dont need to worry about android apps on your z30. Lol Jk. Posted via Android Central App
  • The only apps that are optimized for 4.3 and 4.4 are few. One that comes to mind is Netflix, because it takes advantage of the open gl support Posted via Android Central App
  • 1080p Netflix is only on 4.3+, Riptide GP2 also uses OpenGL ES 3.0 Posted via Android Central App
  • (Repeat)
  • So glad I dumped HTC after the one X disaster. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is the final nail in the coffin on why I'll never buy another Android phone again. Between the horrid software on my Mac, to the out-of-date Bluetooth support, to the non-existent OS updates. I'll be in line to buy the larger screen version of the iPhone in a few months. People in other countries and other networks got this update over a year ago; and we've got the CEO of AT&T saying that they can't afford to keep subsidizing these smart phones. Yet they take forever to update this phone, then stupidly wonder why people are going out of their way to buy the latest and greatest Android phone. Well this final and ONLY update is exactly why. Pathetic.
  • You could also buy a nexus phone and not deal with any carrier garbage. Posted via Android Central App
  • Shh, that doesn't work well with his argument. Pretending there's not manufacturers who actually care about customers is easier.
  • This isnt a carrier issue, and a Nexus is the worst experience you can have if your coming from iPhone.
  • Why? Posted via Android Central App
  • Cool story bro. See ya! Posted via Android Central App
  • What larger screen iPhone in a few months? The iPhone 5S was like just released, you'll have to wait almost a year. Posted via Android Central App
  • Very beautiful hardware..still one of the best looking android phone in my opinion. I never owned one, but I sold them when I worked for At&t. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC's always late to the party. Oh well, not really much between 4.2.2 & 4.4.2 :/ _______________________________________________
    This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1
  • HTC is always late to the party? Say that again to my Unlocked HTC One running KitKat? (and barring any issues with certification from carriers should be expected to get to them by the end of the month)
  • I'd still be using my HTC One X if I hadn't shattered the screen and not been able to get it repaired. Great phone overall. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ironic how KitKat is designed to run on lesser hardware are phones which could easily run it are being dropped. One of the reasons I won't buy another HTC since they dropped support for my old desire after one update jokers. I was starting to change my mind since the one was getting updates regular but looks like same ol HTC Probs why they are losing so much money people ain't coming back to get HTCS cause they keep dropping support so quickly on flagship phones.
  • I hate it when people post this kind of stuff. Just because 4.4 can run on lower-spec'd devices, doesn't mean every Android phone ever will get an upgrade. Should Google update the Nexus One? It has 512mb RAM...The Nexus S should be able to run it just fine, too. The Galaxy S2 came out over 2 years ago (almost 3), and it would be able to run it, too. Come on, Sammy! Samsung must suck because they won't upgrade every possible phone in their line up with 4.4. The carriers are still going to do the same thing they have always done in the past, which is decide the phones which they will allocate development resources. Even Google dropped support for the Galaxy Nexus, because it was outside of the 18 month support window. Google made the phone run on lower end devices so the cheap phones sold in China and India will no longer have Gingerbread on them. The only thing I will say is the One X+ is less than 18 months old, and HTC dropped support for it. That's not cool.
  • Every time I see a post like this,or is related to carriers in general, I thank God that I don't live in America. And for those who are boycotting HTC, I feel sorry for you guys because the HTC one with its speakers is really something else. People I know have other phones like the g2, nexus 5, s4, give me a shock when I hear sound from their speakers. I just tell them it's a nice phone and give them a poker face. Posted via Android Central App
  • My Moto X actually has a great speaker.. for the 18 minutes a year I use the built-in speaker. And Moto doesn't need to add an extra 1" of height to make it happen, it can actually fit in my pocket. A decent idea, but the phone was already too big to begin with with the One X line, the new One line made it even worse.
  • If built-in speakers aren't important for you then you have your own criteria. I honestly don't mind the extra height if it means I don't have to use earphones all the time.(my bro got hearing problems because of this). Posted via Android Central App
  • Kinda expected this (shurugz) ordering my moto g :'( Posted via Android Central App
  • My HOX+ was a great device. It's a shame that it didn't get enough attention (updates).
  • "HTC sucks! I'm never buying HTC again!" "Yeah? Well I'm tired of this crap and I'm never buying an Android phone again!" "Woah, dude, you just took it too far. Android is, like, the best OS evar."
  • Android Central in a nutshell. Bravo! ;)
  • So 2013 was spammed with people crying about SD cards and removable batteries. 2014 will be spammed with people crying about Android version updates. Ironically these are the same people who will tell you with a straight face, that HTC is having less than stellar earnings because of the SD cards, removable batteries, and Android revision updates. The intelligence of the fanatics is in the sewer. Posted via Android Central App
  • My favorite was when HTC made a 2013 Q4 profit based purely on the one time $80m from selling Beats and then all the HTC "experts" were like "ZOMG HTC is Saved!... Profitable for everz!" Nevermind that without that one time $80m it appears HTC would have lost $10m in Q4. Clearly a lot of business savvy MBA's around here. I'm surprised the carriers, phone makers, and even Google itself isn't reaching out to those leaving comments about their hourly consulting rates.
  • "And everyone knows ahead of time this will be its last update" And coincidentally, the One X line from HTC is my last HTC phone I ever buy. I'll treat them like they treat me - completely dismiss.
  • this update whine is getting old I still have my thunderbolt still works like a charm...u bought the damn phone with what it had why expect updates unless there is some major issues? I bought a brand new truck next year they came out with a better tranny and better nav. system do I deserve and upgrade? hell no!most people have a hard time figuring out just how to use the features on a new phone let alone worry about an OS update a few hundred peeps that worry about it are a speck of sand to the masses that have the same phone and don't care no way its cost effective to keep working on updates it is what it is u bought it! by the time u get a brand new phone on day 1 the works are already in place for then next new phone ull never keep up with technology!
  • The point is, the way things are set up, you can't realistically buy a new phone until your contract is up/upgrade is ready. The phone that they're barely updating here, to a version 2 versions ago, is barely a year old. Anyone who owns one will have to go almost another year before they can get a new one. If a company doesn't do much beyond 2 years, whatever, but at least take care of me while I'm stuck in the cycle.
  • the company isn't subsidizing the phone for two years the carrier is what does htc or any of them care..u bought this phone this make with this stuff fix any major glithes that show up in the first 6 months or so after that the company will move on..u have to its all about costs looking to replace this thunderbolt with the htc one 2 or whatever they name it when it comes out.. then the one will be left in the dust and the rant for that will start bottom line is this is what u wanted at the time this is what u get or buy it outright and sell it if u don't like it and want the latest and greatest every month
  • I agree. People have to be happy with the phone they buy, and that's it. It's not about "support" - it's not like the phone is broken. HTC make no promises to update it, you should be happy that they have, considering it's a carrier exclusive. If updates are important to you, get a Nexus. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well, in my case, I bought my Photon 4G when Motofail had already publicly promised an upgrade to ICS for my phone. Can I tell Sprint I want out of my contract b/c Moto lied? Nope.
  • I'm just glad I'll be able to finally use dashclock on my phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • What about for me and My evo 4g lte on sprint. you said 4.3 and sense 5 end of 2013 its now mid january? whaddup widdat?
  • Just got an OTA update from AT&T for HTC One X+, not 4.2.2 - but a good sign?
    Android 4.1.1
    Sense 4+
    SW Number 1.19.502.3 710RD
  • Same here. Is this some sort of prep for 4.2.2? I expected it to be 4.2.2 when I downloaded.
  • Just got the same update. I guess we can safely assume this is a prerequisite for 4.2.2.
  • Me too. I don't know what they would need to update, though, with a major version change coming. Maybe the baseband? Anyone know if it changed? Maybe someone that didn't get the OTA yet can post theirs for comparison.
  • There are apparently a number of people with this phone who still haven't gotten this 4.2.2 update. I'm one of those still on 4.1.1. I've been seeing confusing "Software Update" toasts that say exactly that, with no actions available. I worked with HTC Support to resolve this, and we eventually just gave up.