Open Feint and AT&T

AT&T and Open Feint announced at CES that they would be partnering, and offered up a SDK for interested developers.  Now they have announced the details of what they were cooking up, and present the Open Feint Game Channel for Android.  Open Feint games are already popular among Android users, and the cross-platform game network has over 15,000 application developers using the service.  With the Open Feint Game Channel, AT&T hopes to bring an enhanced experience to their customers and offers tools to help draw new developers to the service.  Apple's Game Center is a lofty target, but AT&T makes it clear they have it in their sights.  It's nice to see AT&T showing a commitment to Android -- too bad it took losing iPhone exclusivity to make it happen.  Read the full press release after the break.

OpenFeint to Bring Cross Platform Social Gaming Network to AT&TAndroid Customers 
Burlingame, Calif.- February 11, 2011 – OpenFeint, the leading cross platform mobile social gaming network, announced today that it will be working with AT&T to power social gaming for AT&T mobile devices this year. The two companies demonstrated the benefits of the collaboration at theAT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas earlier this month.
Expected to be available on Android devices in the first quarter, OpenFeint's Game Channel product will be a new service for users of AT&T Android devices to discover new games, get social deals and connect with other gamers. AT&T and OpenFeint are working together to make it easier for developers to create socially connected games by enabling the world's largest cross platform social gaming network which currently has over 15,000 mobile game developers. 
Android users will have access to social promotions on high quality games and virtual goods as well as customization of their OpenFeint user profile. Cross platform social gaming features will include:
·      Gamer Profiles – for users to set up a gamer identity with a custom profile image.
·      Friending – for users to create friendships around social games.
·      Facebook Connect – for users to find their friends on the OpenFeint network by connecting to Facebook.
·      Leaderboards – for users to see how their scores compare against their friends' scores, regardless of the phones used.
·      Achievements – for users to earn special recognition and points for completing challenging game tasks.
“We’re thrilled to work with AT&T to bring cross platform social gaming to their users,” says Jason Citron, CEO of OpenFeint. “With a greatly expanded player audience, this is also great news for Android developers looking to sell games.”
Available soon in the Android Market, customers will see OpenFeint's Game Channel on new AT&T Android devices in the coming months. Android customers will be able to download via the Android Market when available. Users will be taken to Android Market to purchase games.
OpenFeint is the largest cross platform mobile social gaming ecosystem with over 65 million registered users. Launched just 21 months ago, OpenFeint has a community of 15,000 developers who have launched over 4,500 games.
Developers interested in having their games available to AT&T customers will need to integrate the OpenFeint Android SDK. More information is available at
About OpenFeint:
OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS and Android with over 65 million registered users and a presence in over 4,500 games. OpenFeint is backed by Intel Capital and The9. Developers interested in more information about OpenFeint and its leading mobile social gaming technology should visit