AT&T now lets family members mix and match Unlimited plans

AT&T (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • AT&T's new Unlimited Your Way plans offer flexibility for family plan subscribers.
  • These now allow you to mix and match various unlimited plans for individual members in a family plan.
  • You'll get the lowest prices at 5 lines or more with plans starting at $150 combined on the lowest tier.

AT&T will now let subscribers to its family plan combine any of its Unlimited Wireless plans for individual members. It's a program called AT&T Unlimited Your Way. Previously, the carrier would have you keep the same plan for all members, but now you can pay a little or a little less depending on what each individual member of your family wants.

There are three plans on offer, the Unlimited Elite with up to 100GB of 'premium' data for $45 (if you have five lines), the $35 Unlimited Extra plan with up to 50GB of 'premium' data, and the $30 Unlimted Starter with up to 30GB of 'premium' data. The pricing varies if you have more or fewer lines active though, with 5 or more being the lowest pricing the carrier offers. All these plans are 5G compatible, so you'd be able to use them with the new 5G phones that are out in 2020 (though you may not notice much speed difference a the moment.

David Christopher, executive vice president and general manager, AT&T Mobility said:

At AT&T, we're always listening to our customers and are dedicated to providing them the best wireless experience for their needs. We recognize that individuals have different wireless needs and not all family members want the same rate plan. With the launch of Unlimited Your Way we're making it simple – now customers can pick the best combination of unlimited wireless plans for each family member – all with access to fast, reliable and secure nationwide AT&T 5G included at no extra charge

These changes are available from today.

Michael Allison