AT&T kicks traditional data plans to the curb, it's Mobile Share or nothing

Under then banner of simplifying their array of plans, AT&T today announced that they're ending the availability of the traditional cellular plans on October 25 in favor of their Mobile Share plans. Mobile share, if you'll recall, is AT&T's shared data plan system, wherein you received unlimited phone minutes (you still use those?) and texts plus a bucket of data of a size of your choosing. Data packs range from 300MB per month for $20 up to 50GB for $500. Oh, and there's a monthly charge for every smartphone connected to the plan that starts at $50 on the lowest data tier and drops to $30 by the time you hit 10GB.

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The mobile share plans are more reflective of how we use our smartphones these days, where most of us could care less how many minutes are attached to our plan, but care very much how much data we have available. AT&T's move to dump the traditional minutes+text+data per line also mirrors that of US rival Verizon.

AT&T claims that the Mobile Share plans offer a better value for "95 percent of customer use cases," and is careful to point out that those currently on traditional plans won't have to switch to a Mobile Share plan, even if upgrading.

But is this really a good deal for you?

Source: AT&T

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