In an attempt to get more people moved over to its "Mobile Share" data plans, AT&T is filling out the bottom end of its offerings with two new data tiers. Slotting in at $20 and $50 per month, new 300MB and 2GB tiers fit in along the previous 1GB and 4GB options to give customers more choices when selecting data plans.

AT&T Mobile Share

These plans are directed at accounts with smart phones -- unlike the data-only plans -- and include unlimited talk and text, but of course require an additional fee per device to connect to the account. The fee starts now at $50 per smart phone added when at the 300MB data tier, and goes down in $5 increments until you hit $30 per smart phone at 10GB and above.

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It makes the 300MB shared tier a pretty poor value, and will likely only work to push customers up towards the 1GB and 2GB tier if there are any more than 2 phones on the account. The new tiers go live starting July 26th, but AT&T's website indicates that you can call or go into an AT&T retail store if you would like them a few days sooner.

Source: AT&T

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