ASUS offers bootloader unlock utility for the ZenFone 2

Loading a custom ROM onto your ASUS ZenFone 2 just got a lot easier. ASUS has now provided a bootloader unlocking tool to help ease the burden for those who like to play around with custom ROMs from the community.

If you're an enterprising power user, you can secure the tool from ASUS now. However, ASUS does provide a word of warning before you get started: you must update your software to version or later before using the unlock tool. Also be aware that you'll be voiding your warranty by using the tool and loading a custom ROM. Still, this is great news for the ZenFone 2 tinkerers out there, and it's good to see ASUS supporting the custom ROM community. If you'd like to dive right in, you can download the bootloader unlock tool from ASUS at the link below.

Download the bootloader unlock tool for the ASUS ZenFone 2