Arkane's Deathloop has been delayed to 2021 and is no longer a PS5 launch title

Deathloop Gameplay Image
Deathloop Gameplay Image (Image credit: Bethesda (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Deathloop is an immersive sim being developed by Arkane Lyon.
  • It was revealed to be a timed PS5 launch exclusive that would release in Holiday 2020.
  • Arkane revealed today that Deathloop is being delayed into Q2 2021.

Arkane Studios' Deathloop was revealed earlier this year to be a timed PS5 exclusive that was set to arrive around next-generation launch in Holiday 2020. Unfortunately, like so many other games this year, this title has been pushed back. Arkane announced today via Twitter that Deathloop is now scheduled to release at some point in Q2 2021.

Arkane notes that considering "the health and safety" of the team, combined with how the global pandemic had impacted work, means that polishing Deathloop in time for next-generation launch simply isn't feasible. Arkane also states that the team will be sharing more updates on the game soon.

Arkane is known for its work on immersive sims and the timeloop-inspired Deathloop is looking to push those ideas even further. Deathloop supports the PS5 DualSense controller, using the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to enhance the feel of different powers and weapons.

With Deathloop delayed, the PS5 launch lineup currently consists of titles like Godfall and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The PS5 is still set to release at some point in Holiday 2020.

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