Are you having second thoughts about the Note 10?

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are two beasts in the Android smartphone space. These devices represent the best of what Samsung has to offer in 2019, with some of the highlights being excellent AMOLED displays, great cameras, and fast performance (just to name a few).

Even though we're big fans of the Note 10 series around these parts, as are many of our AC forum members, that's not to say that everyone who buys the phone is 100% happy with it.

In fact, some people that decided to pick the phone up might be having second thoughts about their purchase.

To start with, I've had Notes since Note 2, with few big-screen iPhones sprinkled in-between. Recently went from Note 8 to Note 9, and now just got 10+. My problem is, for the first time in Note line it seems like a regression to me. I survived Note 8 crappy battery, and Note 9 was a real upgrade. Note 10+, other than the bigger screen, is driving me nuts with the finger scanner, power button on...


I upgraded from the Note 9. For me, it's hands down a kick a** better phone. Now - I have a Sprint model - perhaps other carrier models or unlocked models or depending on the size (mine's 256 gb) those things may affect it. Or - maybe yours has issues. I do a ton of stuff on mine, day in and out and have no issues. Run delivery apps, social media sites, emails, texts, and so on.


I upgraded from a Note 9, but only because I killed it with water damage. I would not have upgraded otherwise - the 9 was fine. The 10 Plus is a good phone, but I'm missing the LED notifications and I don't like the FPS. Overall, I'm happy with it, but I'd say I was just as happy with the 9. Also, I'm having a problem with Smartview that I didn't have on the 9, and it seems I'm not the only one....


What about you? Are you having second thoughts about the Note 10?

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Joe Maring

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  • There are no LED notifications? Huge deal breaker for me. I rely on LED notifications.
  • I never had first thoughts about it lol.
  • Keeping my Note 9. For the 3.5mm jack being a "obsolete" component, I sure do use mine an awful lot. And I'm not going to use a dongle. I used those years ago in the dark days of Windows Mobile 6 (most phones had proprietary jack or 2.5mm jack). Dongles sucked back then, and they suck now.
  • Second thoughts? I still haven't seen anything that's the overall package the Note 10 represents. Well, maybe the Note 9.
  • That FPS is awful! It's the only thing I hate about this phone and miss from the Note 9. If you put it on the back it's still out the way and allows for a "full screen display". Sometimes progress is regressive smh...
  • Honestly I love my Note 10 coming from a bigger Note 8 and really I never used the full Screen resolution and the amount of storage is exactly what I need. So for me no I don't regret or have second thoughts about this phone. I love it.
  • Same here. I upgraded from the Note 8 to the Note 10+ and I love it. Love the bigger screen, the storage space, and the battery life. Not sorry one bit.
  • Thanks for making me feel better. I upgraded from the s8 to the note 9 right when the note 10 came out. Got it for $600 so felt like a steal to me. The crap in screen finger print reader was the deal breaker for me. I won't be upgrading anytime soon unless someone finally breaks the mold and stops using this new tech. Not sure why just because they're able to, everyone had to jump on the bandwagon and go with front finger print readers. When I had my s7 edge, it had it on the front. I tried using it multiple times but it just didn't jive well with me. Not a natural place to pick up a phone with one hand and have my thumb immediately land.
  • I'm not sure what the issue is with the front fingerprint scanner. It's actually the first fingerprint scanner on a phone that I don't find annoying to use. I didn't like its position on the back on the Note 8, so I never used it. Having it on the front means I can unlock the phone without having to actually pick it up. It certainly seems fast and reliable enough to me.
  • Who thinks up these topics? "Galaxy Fold, Do Two Halves Make a Whole?", "Android 10, Does It Go to 11?", "Smudges On Gorilla Glass, Your Thoughts?", etc.