Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold when it launches in September?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a rough life. Initially scheduled for a launch in April, the Fold was quickly pulled for store shelves and met with canceled pre-orders after its folding technology proved to not be the most durable.

Following months of back and forth regarding when the Fold would be ready for relaunch, Samsung finally confirmed earlier this week that the handset would be available for purchase once again this September.

It's exciting that the Fold will be heading back out into the wild soon, but did this whole fiasco cause people to lose interest? Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

I'll still pass. Maybe a few generations later.


I really wanted this 2 months ago. No i feel like buying this is a mistake. Samsung and others are probably well into developing second gen foldable phones. Hoping I can resist the urge to be an early adopter and use my brain for once. Everything about this screams pass on this one in favor for the note 10+.


I look forward to playing with it at the store, but that's all !

Casey Cheung

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a great concept and it looks pretty cool, but there is no way I'd risk that investment. When a prototype is so new like that, I hesitate to buy it and think, "Maybe in a few years, when the technology has been perfected." That's why I'm staying away from in-display fingerprint scanners. I like waiting to see how the tech fares/if there are any updates or advancements...


What about you? Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold when it launches in September?

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Joe Maring

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