Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold when it launches in September?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a rough life. Initially scheduled for a launch in April, the Fold was quickly pulled for store shelves and met with canceled pre-orders after its folding technology proved to not be the most durable.

Following months of back and forth regarding when the Fold would be ready for relaunch, Samsung finally confirmed earlier this week that the handset would be available for purchase once again this September.

It's exciting that the Fold will be heading back out into the wild soon, but did this whole fiasco cause people to lose interest? Here's what the AC forum community has to say.

I'll still pass. Maybe a few generations later.


I really wanted this 2 months ago. No i feel like buying this is a mistake. Samsung and others are probably well into developing second gen foldable phones. Hoping I can resist the urge to be an early adopter and use my brain for once. Everything about this screams pass on this one in favor for the note 10+.


I look forward to playing with it at the store, but that's all !

Casey Cheung

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a great concept and it looks pretty cool, but there is no way I'd risk that investment. When a prototype is so new like that, I hesitate to buy it and think, "Maybe in a few years, when the technology has been perfected." That's why I'm staying away from in-display fingerprint scanners. I like waiting to see how the tech fares/if there are any updates or advancements...


What about you? Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold when it launches in September?

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  • That's a hard no. I figured this could be good for business but I'm not investing $2k for a sketchy product
  • lol That is all.
  • Nope. I think this was made pretty much solely for review sites to get their hands on and to get Samsung more press time. I do not believe this is a product most users should be purchasing. I think it will still have quality control issues throughout its life.
  • Hard pass. Even if I had a huge pile of cash to burn I wouldn't jump onboard.
  • No. I'd buy the Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro before I buy the Fold. The Fold makes the iPad price look reasonable.
  • Nope. Didn't even consider it.
  • No, I won't.
  • I won't for this Gen. Great device and all but I wouldn't spend 2k on something like that..
  • Great device? What exactly makes this a great device? It's a streaming pile and anyone who buys it is an idiot...
  • It's the most polished foldable smartphone and great multitasker that I see only businesses would use
  • No responsible businesses would use this... ever...
  • That's what people used to say about the Galaxy Note, and the people who bought it. Now look at all the idiots who walk around with >5.7" screen phones. It's ok to lack vision and be content with the status quo. Most people are boring like that. But we can thank those who take the plunge to validate ideas and move them forward.
  • Considering the issues it has, I'd wait one or two more generations before I could trust the device. I think this product was rushed to quickly. Foldable may be the future but it might take 3 to 5 more years before they actually become a common and popular choice for consumers and businesses.
  • No way. Anybody that does better read the fine print about what'll be repaired and not repaired under warranty
  • right now I can't even decide about the Note 10 until I see the presentation. I keep dreaming that Tim Cook presses a button and says wow why didn't I do this sooner so I have all the money from the Android folks that miss their Apple Watch so I have the best of both worlds at least in my world. I don't even mind that Apple doesn't have a round face it is all that the watch can do but it is also all that Samsung can do. I want to know if we are going to have the sd card, as for a headphone jack I have other ways to listen to music
  • Let me add to the pile...Apple sucks donkey balls!😁😛
  • Nope. Not interested in any folding phones.
  • Nope I'd rather have the Mate X but not spending over $1k for either of them so it ain't happening
  • The buzz has kinda died down. I thought it was interesting, and now I'm bored ;)
  • No because the technology is still new, maybe after a few years when even the apps are more optimized for this device. Kudos to Samsung for trying and at least it didn't blow up like it did on the note 7
  • Not for me. The features on the fold does not make my life easier. There's no reason I'd get this but I'd give it a try at a reasonable cost because I'm curious. Maybe after some more reviews I'll know better but the first ones were not compelling me to buy.
  • That's a big no
  • For me never!!! Why would I pay an exorbitant amount of money for something with a component aspect that'll surely not stand the test of time. Can't tell me within a short period of time they've now perfected it there's just no way.
  • I love the idea of a fold-able phone, I can think of plenty of usage scenarios for me personally when being able to increase the size of the screen would be of real benefit but I can't justify spending that much money, especially on a 1st gen product where there are some big questions over the hardware. I know Samsung wants to be flashy but why they couldn't have just made a fold-able phone that had two separate inner screens that come together rather than one huge screen that has to fold. I'm sure that will come in the future but I think that would have been a better way to test the water to see what consumers wanted and to get the software working right, then release something like this as the top-tier super fold-able a year later.
  • The problem for me is that it's releasing too close to the Note 10 now, and all indications are that the Note will have measurable improvements over the Fold's hardware. So while I still love the Fold's form factor, I value the performance promise of the Note more. If anything, I might buy the Fold to play with, but I'm still undecided. Definitely getting the Note though.
  • At this point, I'll just wait for Fold 2. The Note 10+ cameras are better, and it's already in my hands.