YouTube Music wants you to help shape the future of the streaming service

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music has launched its "Listening Room" beta program alongside its sign-up page.
  • If accepted, users will receive a Premium membership for a year, early access to specific features, and a chance to make an impact on YouTube Music's future.
  • Users will also be invited to the product team's Discord server to converse and offer feedback.
  • Accepted testers will receive more information in February.

YouTube is looking for anyone with a tune in their heart to better shape the platform's future.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube has begun the sign-up process for its "Listening Room" beta program. With its sign-up page now live, there are a few perks YouTube Music will offer to accepted testers, such as an account with Premium membership for a year, early access to specific features, and the chance to "impact the future of YouTube Music."

If selected for this program, the company wants you to regularly provide feedback to the product team through their Discord group.

"Do you love music? So you want a premium YouTube Music account + early access to new features? YouTube Music's product team will be collaborating with an exclusive group of users in our "Listening Room" on Discord to get regular feedback on specific features."

Before getting into all the attractive bits, YouTube Music does have a few requirements users must fall into before coming aboard:

  • Be a lover of music
  • Use YouTube Music as your primary music streaming service for a year (you can still continue using another music streaming service at the same time)
  • Give regular feedback through conversations and polls on Discord
  • Agree to NOT share any information -- i.e. taking screenshots, pictures, or recordings of conversations or early features with anyone outside of the Discord group

The purpose of the sign-up form is to gain some early insights about who may be brought into the program. YouTube Music is interested in learning more about how often you listen to music. The music streaming platform is even interested in learning about which other platform a user would consider their "primary," even if it's not YouTube Music itself and to which you're subscribed.

There are some descriptors in this form so the platform can understand what type of music adventurer you are, whether you stick to more of the same or enjoy branching out.

Users will then find a section where YouTube Music is curious about where you listen to your music (i.e., phone, TV, laptop/computer) and how often throughout the week. There is also a section for your Discord account information (if applicable) and a section for how often you use this communication service.

While the sign-up page doesn't explicitly say how many spots are available, it'd be best to get your name in as soon as possible. On the other hand, those that are selected to be in this program will receive a notice about that in February with information on what they should do next.

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