YouTube Music is testing letting you build custom radio stations using AI prompts

Create a radio section in Youtube Music
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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music is testing a new AI feature that lets users describe their mood to create custom radio stations.
  • This feature seems to be currently in a limited testing phase with only a few users.
  • When fully rolled out, expect to see a purple and pink tile in the Home feed labeled "Ask for music any way you like."

 YouTube Music is apparently trying out a new AI feature where you can whisper song wishes to Google's AI gods.

A Reddit user going by the name kater_pro stumbled upon a new feature while browsing through the YouTube Music app. It looks like this feature is still in its testing phase and is only available to a small group of users at the moment (via 9to5Google).

This experimental feature uses text prompts, letting users describe the kind of music vibe they want. The built-in AI then creates a custom radio station with songs that match the mood.

When and if it's rolled out, this feature is expected to have a unique tile in the Home feed, labeled "Ask for music any way you like." This eye-catching tile will likely be in bright purple and pink colors, as shown in the screenshot below.

Youtube music prompt-generated radio station

(Image credit: kater_pro / Reddit)

It’s designed to look like the "Create a radio: Your music tuner" card that you can already find in the Library tab. However, this feature requires you to pick a starting song or artist to get a playlist of similar tunes.

The interface allows for dynamic station customization with a chat window at the bottom of the screen and a handy list of prompts right above it. This interactive feature invites users to fine-tune their musical experience by speaking or typing in their preferences, from lively pop anthems to exploring the emerging Moscow rock scene.

Earlier reports hinted at ongoing talks between YouTube and major record labels with the goal of securing licensing rights for copyrighted songs, setting the stage for advanced AI tools in the YouTube Music app.

This feature is quite similar to Spotify's "AI DJ" and PlaylistAI, a third-party app that works with both Spotify and Apple Music. Although YouTube Music doesn't yet have an AI DJ that offers musical commentary, this new addition hints at a possible direction for future updates.

The Reddit user's subscription status is unknown, making it unclear who can access this feature. Previously, AI-powered tools on YouTube have been limited to paying subscribers, which might suggest that this new music exploration tool could also be part of a premium offering.

The feature seems to be in its early stages. 9to5Google mentioned just one Reddit user discovering it, with no other reports confirming this. This lack of evidence hints at a possible delay in making the feature widely available.

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