Here's how you can migrate your Google Podcasts subscriptions to YouTube Music

YouTube Music podcasts announcement on a Motorola Edge+ (2023)
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What you need to know

  • A new post states users can begin migrating their subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music in "the coming weeks."
  • Users can export their subscriptions as an OPML file and take it to any other podcast platform that supports uploads for that file type.
  • The migrating process will remain through July 2024, however, users can continue listening to Google Podcasts through March 2024.

The big podcast migration will begin soon as YouTube implores users to begin preparations ahead of time. As detailed in a blog post, those still using the Google Podcasts app will find a migration tool "in the coming weeks" to bring their subscriptions from that platform to YouTube Music.

The tool will include an alternative option, allowing users to export their podcast subscriptions as an OPML file that can pop into any other podcast app that supports such an uploaded file.

More importantly, when it becomes available, users can follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure their podcast data transfers smoothly:

1. From the Google Podcasts app, click Export Subscriptions at the top of the screen.

2. Under “Export to YouTube Music,” tap Export.

3. From the YouTube Music app, tap Transfer. (If you do not have the YouTube Music app, you will be asked to download it to continue.)

4. Read the disclosure and tap Continue.

YouTube Music home screen

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YouTube adds it may take a few minutes before your data is moved over in full. Once completed, users can tap "Go to Library" to view their current podcast subscriptions.

The streaming service states that not all podcasts will be available on its platform. If an audio show isn't supported, users will have the ability to add shows to YouTube Music through the podcasts' RSS feed.

As the migration slowly becomes available, the post informs that users will have through July 2024 to transfer their subscriptions to YouTube Music. However, users can continue to listen to shows on Google Podcasts through March 2024.

The service announced podcasts were on the way back in February, which include ad-supported background listening, audio-first podcasts, and an "enhanced" library experience. Fast forward to September, the company announced Google Podcasts will shut down in 2024. The closure was done to shift listeners over to YouTube Music where the company is investing much more energy into podcasts and the audio experience that entails after slipping behind Spotify's continued efforts in the genre.

While instructions to safely transfer user data have been detailed, YouTube will additionally include tools for podcast creators to carry their content over, alongside analytical options.

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