YouTube Music has a solution for its latest UI change

YouTube Music widget on Android 13 on a Pixel 7.
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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music includes a new button as part of a recent UI change.
  • The overflow menu of the "Now Playing" pane gets the "Dismiss queue" button.
  • As the name implies, it dismisses the songs being played and further clears the queue.

YouTube Music is getting a new update, which now involves a new button that lets you clear the existing songs queue much easier.

The update includes a new button dubbed "Dismiss queue" in the overflow menu under the "Now Playing" pane, which, when clicked, will dismiss the current queue, as the name implies. For context, previously, the YouTube Music app allowed users to swipe down the mini player to end the songs being played and clear the songs queue, which included either a song or a playlist.

YouTube Music Dismiss queue button

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However, as part of the gesture navigation change, the music app only allowed users to swipe left or right to change tracks, and the ability to close the player by swiping down was removed. Thus, there was no easier way to clear the song queue. To tackle this situation, YouTube Music has decided to add a new nifty "Dismiss queue" button.

After receiving the update, which started rolling out to users starting last week, users can hit the mini-player and swipe up for the "now playing" view. Click on the three-dot button to open the overflow menu and look for the "Dismiss queue" button at the bottom end of the menu. After clicking it, the current songs queue would be dismissed, and users would be left with the permanent mini player displaying the "Nothing is playing" note.

YouTube Music Dismiss queue button

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The mini-player on YouTube Music has seen a few other changes lately. The player recently received a permanent "cast" button next to the "play" button, allowing users to easily cast their audio to their favorite set of supported devices.

Also, the music player, which tries to keep up with the best music streaming services, has also made some other changes, including a significant overhaul to the web version. More recently, YouTube Music finally brought Podcasts to the U.S., later expanding it to other countries.

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