New WhatsApp update will help keep spam calls out of sight

WhatsApp introduces additional privacy features for users.
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What you need to know

  • Meta introduces Silence Unknown Callers which users can enable so WhatsApp can automatically screen spam calls and unknown callers.
  • The Privacy Checkup feature walks users through useful privacy and security options so they can fine tune the app for a more comfortable experience.
  • Both features are available for users today and joins the likes of Chat Lock, View Once, and vanishing messages.

WhatsApp is expanding its growing list of options present for users looking to keep their conversations private and for more personal security. CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced two new features: Silence Unknown Callers and a new Privacy Checkup.

Those opening WhatsApp today can utilize the new Silence Unknown Callers feature, giving you a little more agency over several annoyances. Meta states users can enable the feature to automatically screen spam calls and calls from people they don't know. Furthermore, your phone will not alert you of any incoming calls if they fall within these two parameters.

However, it's not perfect, and Meta states you can check your call list within WhatsApp to see if it has wrongfully blocked a call from coming through that you might've wanted to receive.

Additionally, Zuckerberg introduced WhatsApp's new Privacy Checkup menu. The idea behind this is to give all users an idea about the privacy and security tools available to them. Meta states the menu will offer instructions on how to go about selecting the best level of privacy for your experience using WhatsApp. 

Selecting "Start Checkup" from the WhatsApp privacy settings will help "navigate you through multiple privacy layers that strengthen security of your messages, calls, and personal information."

The new Privacy Checkup feature is available to all users today.

Lastly, WhatsApp promotes its various privacy features, which it says can help users ensure secure, private messages when reaching out to friends and family, particularly those they suspect may be going through a rough time in life. The company encourages users to send a quick pre-written message to someone, letting them know they can utilize features like Chat Lock for an added level of privacy in their conversation.

WhatsApp has long since provided end-to-end encrypted messaging for its users, ensuring what they're sending remains between them and the other party. These new privacy features join others like vanishing messages and a screenshot-blocking option for View Once messages.

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