Waze finally makes its way to Android Automotive

Waze on Android Automotive
(Image credit: Waze)

What you need to know

  • The Waze app has been available on Android Auto for years but absent on Android Automotive.
  • Waze has announced the availability of its navigation app on select Android Automotive vehicles.
  • The app is rolling out to select Renault vehicles in Europe, including the Renault Austral Hybrid and Renault Megane E-Tech EV.

Waze has long been part of the Android Auto experience, Google's phone-based car infotainment interface. But just as Google has two main navigation apps (Maps being the other), the company also has another car infotainment solution dubbed Android Automotive, and Waze has just joined the OS as its latest app.

The company announced the move in a blog post on Tuesday, stating that the Waze experience has already started rolling out, bringing real-time routing, alerts, saved places, and more.

"The new dedicated Waze app for cars brings the best of Waze real-time navigation, routing and alerts featured right in the car's display. When you drive, you can experience safer and more convenient journeys while eliminating the hassle of using a smartphone."

Unlike Android Auto, which requires a smartphone to be connected wirelessly or through a cable, Android Automotive is a complete car OS with Google built-in that connects more deeply to the vehicle. That means you won't have to rely on your smartphone for it to work, and you can download apps from the Play Store on the car.

The new Waze app for Android Automotive is currently limited to select Renault vehicles in Europe, including the Renault Austral Hybrid and Megane E-Tech EV. However, Aron Di Castro, director of marketing and partnerships at Waze, says there are plans to expand. "We're looking forward to bringing this excellent driving experience to more users across the globe in 2023."

Owners of the above vehicles can download the app from the Play Store on the car or the My Renault app on their smartphones.

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