Twitter gets into podcasts as part of redesigned Spaces tab

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What you need to know

  • Twitter introduces podcasts to the platform.
  • Podcasts will be accessible through a newly redesigned Spaces tab.
  • Audio will be suggested to users based on the people and topics they follow.
  • The new experience is available to select users globally on iOS and Android.

Podcasts have become the hottest thing lately, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. Twitter is now getting in on the action as it expands its audio offerings, introducing podcasts to the platform as part of an overhaul to Spaces.

Podcasts will live in a redesigned Spaces tab, which will house the platform's audio experiences. Where Twitter Spaces often involve more active participation in a conversation, podcasts are a way for users to listen passively. Twitter says it "allows listeners to simply hit play and go" while furthering Twitter's investment in audio creation.

With the new Spaces redesign, users will have access to Stations, a horizontal list that incorporates both Spaces and podcasts and covers a range of themes such as News, Movies & TV, and Music. Twitter says Stations are curated based on the people and Topics you follow, and the selection will improve over time as you use the feature.

Below Stations is Spaces Spotlight, and users can view upcoming Spaces to ensure they don't miss something they may be interested in.

Twitter says it is incorporating some of the most popular podcasts from around the world to help entice users, such as content from Vox Media. However, suggested content will appear based on a user's interests.

Twitter has been experimenting with various ways to draw more users to the platform and keep its current users engaged, introducing features like Notes that give users more ways to express themselves. Despite the drama surrounding Elon Musk, the platform managed to gain more users during previous quarters. That said, revenue recently dropped, indicating the company still has its work cut out for it. Podcasts could be the key to keeping users engaged, although Twitter has to compete with the likes of Spotify, which has been ramping up its audio content creation efforts.

Twitter's new podcast feature is being integrated into the platform on Thursday, August 25, although it's currently limited to English-speaking users on iOS and Android.

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