The Galaxy S23 inches closer to stable Android 14

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What you need to know

  • The Galaxy S23 has received a new One UI 6 Beta based on Android 14.
  • The update doesn't detail any specific bug fixes, unlike previous beta releases, suggesting stable Android 14 could be near.
  • Samsung is expected to begin the stable Android 14 update before the end of the year, alongside other OEMs.

If you own an eligible Galaxy S23 and you're on the beta program, chances are you have a new update waiting for you. According to SamMobile, Samsung has begun issuing a new One UI 6 beta release for the S23 series, making it the eighth beta for these models.

The update is notable because it's seemingly the first release that doesn't include any specific bug fixes and just notes that the update brings software stability improvements.

This seems to suggest Samsung's software is pretty stable and that we're nearing the official One UI 6 (Android 14) release for the Galaxy S23 series. This also wouldn't be the only indication that Samsung is nearing the stable release, as alleged stable builds with firmware version BWJG were recently spotted alongside additional beta builds. Thus, it's possible that the eighth build rolling out now could be among the last ones before One UI 6 begins its official rollout.

When it does happen, Samsung wouldn't be the first company outside Google to push stable Android 14. Xiaomi quickly pushed the Android 14 update to its latest flagship phones in early October, closely following Google's official announcement and rollout for its own Pixel phones. However, per Google, we expect more companies to push the update before the end of the year.

For now, if you own an eligible Galaxy S23, you can navigate to your update screen to check for the latest build. The update comes with firmware version ZWJ1 and appears to be nearly 500MB in size.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Z Fold 5 owners can also check for a new build, which started rolling out this week with some fixes.

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