Android Auto gains MyRadar to help drivers stay ahead of dangerous weather

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What you need to know

  • MyRadar announces it has launched an app for Android Auto, Apple's CarPlay, and vehicles with Google built-in.
  • The app delivers weather information as drivers progress along their route, with updates generated every 15 minutes.
  • MyRadar is free; however, a paid version will award drivers with "RouteCast," which delivers forecasted weather conditions for their desired route.

Well-known weather radar app MyRadar has launched on Google's Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay. According to a press release, MyRadar has joined Android's Early Access Program, which allows it to become available to cars with Google built-in.

"RouteCast" is a notable feature available for MyRadar app subscribers. With this, users are given estimated drive times and forecast conditions that are "aligned" with where they're headed. The in-depth weather information offered involves over 15 atmospheric weather variables, road temperature, cross-wind alerts, and "10 unique surface condition hazard classes for every point along the route."

The company's CTO, Dr. Sarvesh Garimella, added, "Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean the snow will stick to the road. RouteCast uses not just atmospheric conditions, but surface data and road characteristics to improve safety and awareness for drivers."

MyRadar states the app generates weather updates every 15 minutes for "each point or route segment crossed," with support spanning the entire U.S.

If weather hazards are predicted, MyRadar is said to offer drivers the best estimated time of departure to help avoid some unsightly risks through its Timetable feature.

Users on the free tier of the MyRadar app will have access to its weather radar and warning alerts on Android and iOS. As previously stated, the paid version of MyRadar holds access to "RouteCast" and its capabilities. The company plans to invest in both automobile platforms continually and "plans additional enhancements in the coming months."

Outside of drivers, MyRadar teased its work with commercial organizations and logistics fleets. The company states operation centers can use the app on Windows to send crucial weather information to their drivers, aiding them in finding the most optimal route.

Compatible Android users can grab MyRadar off the Play Store to use on their mobile devices. If you want to try it out in your Android Auto-supported car, you'll need to hop into the beta environment.


MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar is a great option for those looking for an informative and useful weather application. From getting your basic weather forecasts to using different layers on a radar, MyRadar has everything you'll need.

Free with IAPs: Google Play Store

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