Google Meet adds new features for individual Workspace users

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What you need to know

  • Individual Google Meet subscribers will soon gain an increased participant limit of 150 and the chance to assign more than one co-host in a meeting.
  • Meeting transcripts let solo users go back and review what was said in a lengthy meeting, and the Q&A function will also arrive.
  • Google will begin the rollout on September 5 and asks for at least three days before the process is complete.

Taking on daily work or business-related tasks is going to get a little easier for solo warriors.

Google is starting to roll out updates to features and new additions in Meet for solo Workspace subscribers, as detailed in a blog post. The first update, involving Meet's participant limit, will see the cap raised from 100 users in a given meeting to 150. Assigning a co-host will soon become a little easier to manage as Google is letting individual users designate one or more co-hosts as they look to manage their calls.

Meeting transcripts are arriving with this update for Meet users on their own. With this feature, users can collect what was said during a meeting's duration and its attendees. If this feature is kept enabled, after a meeting concludes, users can go back through its records to see what was said.

The post explains the meeting host can end a transcription on their own by hitting "Stop transcription." Additionally, any captured transcriptions are automatically uploaded to the user's Google Drive.

A "guest list" is making its way to individual Google Meet users, as well. Viewable directly in the application, users will find a list of everyone who's been invited to a meeting and who has yet to join the call. Moreover, Google is giving users the tools to see the RSVP status of attendees alongside those that are "optional" and any notes written for certain personnel.

Lastly, Meet users on their own are gaining access to the Q&A feature. While this aims to promote meeting engagement, hosts can utilize this to give everyone their time with the microphone when it's time to clear up any confusion.

Google states that all of these features will arrive enabled by default. The company will begin rolling them out today, September 5, and users should give it around three days to fully complete its availability process.

Duet AI interface in Google Meet

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It's good that individual Google Meet subscribers are receiving another batch of features, however, this comes on the heels of a much larger update. Google launched new Duet AI features for Meet a week ago, including the ability for participants to send an AI assistant to a meeting on their behalf. If done, the assistant will auto-generate text bearing your desired message to those who attended.

Additionally, the AI software can capture video clips and notes for you if, for whatever reason, you need to step away from the meeting.

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