Duet AI in Google Meet is the meeting buddy you never knew you needed

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What you need to know

  • Google Meet is rolling out new features such as studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound, which are meant to give you the glow up you deserve during meetings thanks to Duet AI.
  • The AI system is also introducing dynamic tiles and face detection to give meeting attendees their own video tile with their name.
  • Duet AI can also join meetings for you, take meeting notes so you don't have to, and get latecomers up to speed.

Along with Duet AI's general availability for Workspace users that rely on Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets, Google is rolling out the new AI system to Meet in order to take the reins and join your meetings for you, so you can finally say goodbye to boring and unproductive conferences.

Duet AI in Google Meet is your new personal assistant, here to handle all of your meeting-related tasks. Perhaps the most advanced Duet AI feature for Meet, announced in a blog post today, is its ability to help you attend a meeting even while you're sleeping, sort of. 

This means that if you are unable to attend a meeting, Duet AI can act as your proxy and convey your message to other participants. This can be done by clicking the "attend for me" button on a meeting invite, and Meet will then auto-generate text for other attendees to discuss once the meeting starts, as per The Verge. When Duet AI detects that everyone has sent their AI assistant on their behalf, the meeting will be automatically terminated.

The AI will also be able to obtain a meeting recap for you to review later. And if you're late for some reason, Duet AI will catch you up with an in-progress summary. On occasions when you can't pay attention to the meeting, it will take notes for you and capture video snippets in real time, both of which will be sent to attendees after the meeting. This is similar to the note-taking capabilities used by some of the best video-conferencing tools available, such as Zoom.

Duet AI interface in Google Meet

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Meet's new AI will use face detection and dynamic tiles to give each participant their own video tile in large meeting rooms where everyone is struggling to be visible on screen.

If you're talking to multilingual participants, Meet has also got your back. The platform will support automatic translated captions in 18 languages, allowing Meet to detect and translate other languages in real time.

Finally, you can put your best face forward even when you're on camera with Duet AI's new glow-up features, including studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound.

Google's AI is still learning, but it has the potential to make meetings way more efficient. Until it's perfect, though, some people might not be comfortable using it. But for organizations that are looking to improve their meeting culture, Duet AI in Meet is a valuable tool.

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