PSA: You can sign up for Google's research program, give feedback on products

Google User Experience Research
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What you need to know

  • Google's User Experience Research program lets users give feedback on products.
  • The program aims to improve Google products that users utilize daily.
  • Users are required to sign up with a lengthy questionnaire.

Google is constantly seeking help from its consumers to create more helpful products. To help do this, the company has a research program that lets users share their feedback on the products they use to help the search giant know and improve them better.

The program is labeled "Google User Experience Research," which isn't new by any means but the company is seemingly always looking for new users to participate. It asks users to sign up and for research studies and with the hopes that they'll share feedback on Google products and features.

Assume the users fill in the criteria for an upcoming study by Google. In that case, they'll receive a follow-up questionnairel including the next steps. As part of the process, there is a registration form for signing up.

The required details for those interested candidates participating in the research include name, email, phone number, birth date, city, and the country users live in.

Before signing up, participants (who should be at least 18 or above of age) are also required to agree to specific terms and conditions, such as agreeing to share personal data, including parameters mentioned above, to Google, which can be used as part of the survey or send some follow-up questionnaire, invitations, and so on.

Google User Experience Research

(Image credit: Google)

The signing-up process additionally includes a series of questions about users' work and place of work, amongst others, out of which some may be mandatory. Moving further brings the Google products page showcasing all the essential products from Google, involving Gmail, Meet, Docs, Keep, Drive, and more.

It also asks what kind of devices the participants regularly use, such as Pixel devices like the Pixel 7. Although, it is not mandatory to answer that question. However, the questionnaire later asks what you're using as a primary phone.

The options here comprise all the prominent OEM makers in the industry that make the best Android devices next to Apple. The list also includes discontinued phone brands like HTC and Blackberry.

After patiently answering the numerous questions (all are not mandatory, as suggested earlier) about Google products, digital assistants, and Android devices the participants use; Google acknowledges the participants and assures them that they will further be contacted via email provided for relevant research opportunities.

Lastly, signing up involves more than just users sharing feedback on the products they use. Google teases that participants may be offered a sneak peek into new Google products and features next to certain rewards they could receive.

"Once your participation is complete, you'll get a small thank-you gift like a gift card or a donation to your favorite charity."

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