Google Phone might be making it super easy to switch to a Meet video call

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What you need to know

  • Google is testing a feature in the Phone app that allows users to effortlessly switch from a regular phone call to a Google Meet video call.
  • Some users have noticed a new "Video call" chip in the Phone app during regular calls, showing up above the keypad, mute, speaker, and other options.
  • Tapping the button initiates a Meet video call without interrupting the ongoing voice call.

Google has been spotted trying out a fresh feature in the Phone app, which lets you switch super easily from a regular call to a Google Meet video call with a single tap.

A few users are seeing a fresh Video call chip in the Phone app when they are on a regular call, as spotted by Android Police. This new button pops up above the keypad, mute, speaker, and other options.

If you tap that chip, it initiates a Google Meet video call with the person you're chatting with. Their phone rings, but the voice call keeps going, making switching a lot smoother than before.

This suggests that Google Meet is making a move to be more than just a business tool. With this potential feature in the Phone app, it seems Meet wants to be a bigger part of our everyday mobile chats.

For a while, iPhone users had it easy with FaceTime right in their dialer. Soon, Android users might get a taste of that too, as video calling gets seamlessly integrated into the Phone app.

If the person you're trying to call doesn't have the Meet app installed, tapping the chip whisks you to a screen suggesting you invite them to hop on Google Meet for video chat.

Some users have seen this feature on version 125.0.613053162-publicbeta-pixel2023 and also on 124.0.608164421-publicbeta, as per Android Police. Since it's showing up on different app versions, it seems like this feature might be a server-side tweak.

So far, this functionality has only been seen on Pixel phones. But since the Google Phone app isn't exclusive, there's a chance it could make its way to other devices in the future.

Not everyone is getting access to this new trick just yet. It seems like it's on its way, but it might take a little time before it reaches everyone.

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