Google Meet's Dark Canvas theme gives your eyes a break with some nice new wallpapers

Google Meet logo on Android
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What you need to know

  • Google Meet hardware devices gain Dark Canvas.
  • The new Dark Canvas places Meet hardware products UI elements into a dark theme.
  • The update began rolling out for rapid-release and scheduled release domains on August 29 and may take up to 15-days to be fully available.

Google is adding dark theme support for its Meet hardware devices home page.

In Google's recent Workspace post, the company informs its users of the addition of the new "Dark Canvas." When turning on Dark Canvas, users will see the elements of their UI shift into a dark theme. This darker UI will only be active while you're not on a call as this is a feature for its Meet hardware devices' home screen. Google also informs that the new Dark Canvas can be applied to any Meet hardware device that you may have.

Google Meet's new Dark Canvas for its hardware devices.

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To get started with this new feature, Google informs that Admins can alter their home screen settings by going to Devices > Google Meet hardware > Settings > Device Settings > Home screen. The Dark Canvas theme began its gradual rollout on August 29 for users under both rapid-release and scheduled release domains. Users should allow up to 15-days for proper feature availability.

The new feature will be available for Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic, and Business customers. Keep in mind that Google supports all of its Meet hardware devices so long as they have not passed the auto-update expiration date.

Additionally, Google is helping you spruce up your Meet hardware device with a new round of Canvas wallpapers. Google says it's now including a fresh batch of wallpapers created by top artists. Those interested in changing their homepage will notice the previously named "Wallpaper" setting is changed to "Home screen" with the coming update.

For your Canvas, this has been split into two options: light and dark. Google says whichever option you choose will determine the sort of Canvas wallpapers it recommends to compliment your device's theme.

As Google continues to figure out the merger with Google Duo, Meet is steadily gaining new features. In late July, Google gave users the ability to stream their meetings to YouTube in case they're interested in having an audience.

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