Google Maps wants to make your EV rides smoother with these features

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What you need to know

  • Google Maps has new features for EV vehicle owners that provide them with useful information on their road trips.
  • Maps will provide accurate information about the EV charging points going forward.
  • It can include information such as the charging speed, what type of plug is used at the charging station, and more.

Google Maps should help you find your electric vehicle charging station much easier on navigation as it is getting new features. These updates help users find information about the EV charging station and plan charging stops for road trips.

Google has announced that in the coming months, users can find AI-powered summaries in Google Maps, which describe an EV charger's specific location per user review so that they can easily spot the charging point. The example that the search giant cites is a multi-level parking lot, where finding the exact point can be tricky, and that is where the company's AI prowess comes into play.

Google Maps AI Summaries

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The information is gathered from millions of user reviews on Google Maps, which will help pinpoint the charging spot for EV vehicle owners. Going forward, users can also witness additional details about which plug type will be available at such charging locations.

Moreover, finding EV charging information will be easier, especially when users' vehicles are low on charge. Soon, users will be able to see nearby charges on "the in-car map" that showcases information like "real-time port availability and charging speed," notes Google in a press release. Users can expect the rollout to be global, particularly the vehicle owners with Google built-in in the coming months.

Another nifty addition comes to users when planning road trips, especially multi-stop ones. Google Maps will suggest suitable charging stops along the route, per the car battery's charge level. This new feature will also see the light of day globally in the coming months for vehicles with Google built-in.

Lastly, for users' overnight stays during road trips, Google wants to save them from hunting for EV charging locations for the next morning; instead, it provides a new EV filter on the site where users can find hotels, which feature onsite EV charging.

Google Maps recently announced three new updates for its users who plan trips, which included curated recommendations and customized lists. The latest release announced today is a plus for EV car owners to make their trip experience effortless. 

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