Gmail works a lot better on Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo devices

The Surface Duo 2 lying flat, face down on a table
(Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A recent update improved how Gmail works on Microsoft's dual-screen device.
  • Gmail now spans both displays on the Surface Duo 2, with the inbox on one side and an open email on the other.
  • The change comes as Google continues to optimize its apps for foldables and large-screen devices.

If you own a Surface Duo and use Gmail as your primary email service, you're in for a treat. A recent update is improving how Gmail displays on a Surface Duo, letting the app span across both displays.

The update was spotted on Reddit (via Windows Central) with a user showing off the new interface. From the looks of it, the tabs on the bottom row are split between the two displays as well.

New split Gmail UI on the Surface Duo

(Image credit: Reddit)

The new UI appears to be related to Gmail version 2022.07.24.464902190.Release and is likely still rolling out. That said, while it appears to bring a more optimized UI for the dual-screen device, users point out that the update was likely aimed at foldables and single-screen tablets, as some of the UI elements are a tad off on devices like the Surface Duo 2.

For instance, the UI appears to wrap into the Duo 2's curved edge, and users note that the split between the two displays isn't dead center. Still, the new UI seems functional, even if it's not quite as optimized as Microsoft's Outlook app.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was updating its apps to better support large-screen devices, including the best foldable phones. This comes as part of Google's Android 12L and Android 13 push, both of which focus on improving UI elements for these types of devices. Unfortunately, dual-screen Android devices aren't as common, which this update seems to highlight.

Hopefully, future updates will further improve the UI on Microsoft's device, especially since the company seems to release another dual-screen device next year.

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