Android 13 Beta 2 shows that Google is taking tablets seriously

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What you need to know

  • Android 13 is bringing some major changes to tablet apps and interfaces.
  • Google confirmed that it is updating more than 20 of its own apps for larger-screened devices.
  • Google is also working with third-party developers to offer better experiences.

One of the biggest complaints with using the best Android tablets is that Android apps simply aren't properly optimized. This is not limited to third-party apps, as Google's own apps don't offer a great experience. But with today's announcement of Android 13 Beta 2 at I/O 2022, Google is also taking the necessary steps to improve the tablet experience. 

This begins with Google confirming that it will be optimizing more than 20 of its own apps to take advantage of larger screens. This includes apps like Google Messages, YouTube Music, and even the Play Store. In fact, the Play Store will make it easier to browse tablet-optimized applications instead of being forced to find out after the fact.

Android apps redesigned for tablets on Android 13

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All of these changes began taking shape following the introduction of Android 12L in the fall of 2021. This is a tablet-specific version of Android that has since been merged with Android 13, in an effort to provide a cohesive experience across all of your devices.

In addition to making changes to its own apps, Google announced that it is working with third-party developers to improve experiences. These include the likes of Facebook, TikTok, and others, as Google is attempting to get developers on board with the new changes to improve tablets and the best foldable phones.

As detailed in the Android 13 Beta 2 announcement, Google is also revamping multitasking functionality on tablets. A new taskbar will appear at the bottom of your tablet, allowing you to drag and drop apps to create a split-screen interface.

While we can't yet install Android 13 on our own tablets, Google states that it plans to update its own apps over the next few weeks. And third-party apps should be updated over the course of the year, aiming to be here in time for the final release of Android 13 later this year.

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