That Assistant Driving Mode dashboard you love so much is going away

Google Assistant Driving Mode
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What you need to know

  • After pulling Android Auto for phone screens plug this June, Google plays its next move to kill its replacement.
  • Google is shutting down the dashboard from its Assistant Driving Mode starting November 21.
  • It will be replaced by a grid of icons next to Google Assistant voice support for calls and texts.

Users who typically don't own Android Auto-supported cars often use Google's Android Driving Mode feature on their devices. When enabled, they're often greeted with a home screen/dashboard with Google Maps, various cards, and necessary controls at the bottom. However, it seems Google is ditching the dashboard soon, according to reports from 9to5Google and Android Police.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Google was just getting rid of the Maps card that sat atop the dashboard, but that has since evolved, as the Assistant Driving Mode dashboard will shut down on November 21. That said, the Driving mode within Google Maps is said to remain the car-optimized experience for Android device owners and can be accessed when you start driving navigation.

In June, Google pulled the plug on Android Auto for phone screens. The move favored Google Assistant Driving mode, which acted as a built-in mobile driving experience on all Android devices. Not many people were fans of the switch, especially since Assistant Driving Mode was initially only accessible via voice.

So essentially, the feature launched as a replacement for Android Auto for phone screens is basically being replaced by Google Maps.

Still, those who used the Assistant Driving Mode will find some similarities with the Google Maps Driving Mode. It features a similar app grid for quick access to messages, calls, and a selection of media and apps. There's also quick access to Assistant when your hands are tied.

The move helps Google further simply its offerings, something the company seems to be doing more of lately. And honestly, it makes sense since most users just use Google Maps anyways.

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