Android Auto's issues caused by Google Maps beta nabs a quick fix

Google Maps on Android Auto
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What you need to know

  • Quickly following a rash of user reports, Google is rolling out an update for Android Auto's Maps beta to solve its problems.
  • Users on Reddit have reported severe crashing with Android Auto when attempting to open Google Maps or use voice commands.
  • In the meantime, users may have to use Maps on their phones instead of Android Auto as the patch takes time to reach devices.

Google is quickly rushing out a patch for affected Android Auto devices that have encountered problems with its Maps beta.

The folks at Android Police spotted the company rolling out a patch for the Maps beta marked as version to Android Auto devices for the crashes. It might take a while before your device picks it up, so it could be best to avoid the Google Maps beta altogether.

For context, the company rolled out its latest Maps beta earlier this week, marked as version 11.132.0100. After installing, users quickly took to Reddit to report that the software broke their Android Auto consoles. One user report highlighted that initiating Android Auto would crash Google Maps, leaving users in an endless cycle of crashing and returning to their app list.

Opening the app on an Android phone works fine, but throwing its contents over to your car is where things fall apart. Voice commands were also reportedly breaking the app and Android Auto's software.

Another user stated they left the Maps beta and uninstalled all updates, reverting to the stable build, and still encountered problems. Hopefully, Google's latest attempt at a patch rectifies the problem.

There appears to be an issue with charging, as well, as one user reported that their phone is no longer charging when plugged into their console. Another user confirmed the problem, but it's unclear if this problem is related to the Maps beta issues.

Google Maps Beta version 11.132.0100 Breaks Android Auto from r/AndroidAuto

As previously stated, Google has started rolling out a new patch today (June 6) to try and correct the Maps beta's effects on Android Auto. If you're involved and are uninterested in waiting, you can grab the official APK Mirror file.

Shortly after I/O 2024, the company rolled out a few features for Android Auto to help bring some life to long car rides. Among the additions, drivers gained apps like Max, Peacock, and even Angry Birds. The update included the debut of Google Cast on the Android Automotive OS, which lets users throw content like videos from their phones to their vehicle's console.

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