Twitter experiences widespread hack in coordinated cryptocurrency scam

Apple Twitter Hack
Apple Twitter Hack (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

What you need to know

  • Twitter has experienced a major security breach.
  • The breach has resulted in a number of accounts sending Bitcoin-related tweets.
  • The hack appears to be part of a widespread cryptocurrency scam.

Twitter is currently experiencing a widespread security breach that is resulting in a number of high profile accounts encouraging their followers to send Bitcoin to an unknown account.

Update 7: The New York Times reports that the hack started as a quest for usernames but then evolved into a Bitcoin scam.

Update 6: Twitter says they believe the hack was the result of a social engineering attack against some of its employees with access to internal systems.

Update 5: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has apologized for the security breach and says the team is still researching what caused the hack.

Update 4: Twitter has limited additional account functionality for more users, not just verified accounts.

Update 3: Some verified Twitter accounts are able to tweet again but only temporarily.

Update 2: Verified Twitter accounts have had their ability to tweet disable but can retweet.

Update 1: Twitter's official Support account has acknowledged the breach, saying that they are actively investigating and working on a fix.

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Apple, along with a number of high profile Twitter accounts like Elon Musk, Uber, and Barack Obama have all been affected by the breach. While each tweet has been slightly different, all link to the same Bitcoin account.

In response to the hack, Twitter has currently shut down all verified accounts from being able to post on the platform.

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Verified accounts can retweet, but are unable to tweet.

Additionally, non-verified accounts are being affected by Twitter's attempt to remedy the situation. Twitter is recommending everyone reset their password.

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Hours after the hack, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has apologized for the security breach and says that the team at Twitter is still working to understand how the hack occurred.

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Twitter says that the hack is the result of a coordinated social engineering attack against a number of its internal employees which gave the hackers access to internal systems.

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After interviewing hackers claiming to be involved in the security breach, the New York Times is reporting that the hack began as a quest to obtain sought after usernames. Then, one individual began engaging in a cryptocurrency scam that affected a number of high profile accounts.

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This is a developing story and we will update as we receive more information.

  • If you send me some bitcoin, I'll keep it and you won't benefit at all. At least I'm honest.
  • The idea of an online persona is such an illusion.
  • So some employees with high-level access were stupid enough to fall for a phishing scam that compromised their access. We're doomed.
  • It has to be more sophisticated than that. These are admin accounts that were breached. Unless Twitter’s security procedures are stupid which I highly doubt these are accounts that should be separate from the user’s work account and heavily locked down, used only for administration and internal email. It would take getting access to the passwords and might need to be internal depending on level of security. Suffice it to say getting access to normal accounts through a phishing scam is step one of at least 20 steps. The other possibility is the hack was made with inside help. The money I think is a distraction. Hacking known accounts with a scam just making sure it is public. Interesting admin screens are leaked and there is search blacklist snd manage blacklist button. I am of two minds for the motive:
    Revenge against @Jack for banning and deplatforming other companies as alt right which I think is a long shot Or The election.... the most valuable information is the DMs and just because they did not hit Trump publicly does not mean they are not secretly downloading crap or Bidrn or both. It could be the Chinese behind it for all we know. But I think there is more to this than simple hacks!