Apple doubles trade-in value of select Android devices in limited time offer

Apple Trade In
Apple Trade In (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has boosted Android trade-in prices for a limited time.
  • Users will get at least $100 on an eligible Android smartphone.
  • The price of some devices has doubled!

Apple has quietly begun a new limited-time deal, increasing the trade-in price of some Android phones.

Apple's U.S. 'trade-in' website states:

For a limited time, switch to iPhone and save $100 or more when you trade in an eligible Android smartphone.

Apple says that this is an in-store promotion only, and that availability is subject to local law. Accordingly, you should speak to an Apple Store specialist to find out more.

iMore can confirm that Apple boosted the estimated price of five handsets, such that the minimum listed price is now at least $100. They are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - $80 $100
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 - $50 $100
  • Google Pixel 3a - $80 $100
  • Google Pixel 2 XL - $50 $100
  • Google Pixel 2 - $50 $100

As you can see, the value of the Google Pixel 2, 2XL, and the Galaxy J7 has doubled. The rest of Apple's estimated prices remains unchanged for Android handsets. Customers can trade-in Android devices up to and including the Galaxy S10+, the most valuable smartphone at an estimated worth of $270.

As per Apple's trade-in policy, customers can use this against a purchase in-store, or have the value applied to a gift card for use at any time. Whilst Apple notes that this is an 'in-store' promotion, claiming it will certainly be more difficult for customers who's local Apple Store is closed. There is no indication regarding whether this offer is eligible when done remotely, so it may be worth contacting Apple before embarking on a road trip. As mentioned, this is a limited time offer, but Apple hasn't given any indication as to how long this will last.

Stephen Warwick