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Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

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Waze is the community-based traffic and navigation app that was purchased by Google in June 2011. Because it's community-driven, you report things like traffic data and speed back to the company in real time, so they can aggregate all the data to help other people who may be headed your way. You can also manually report accidents, speed traps, or any other hazard you see on the road.

While you're driving, you will receive alerts about road hazards other folks have seen and reported, traffic information and even the lowest gas prices. Waze can even make it easy to let folks know you're stuck in traffic or are getting close to your destination.

Other features like calendar integration (navigate to a meeting with just one tap) make Waze a popular option. With a community-based application of any kind, popularity matters. Give Waze a try today.


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Liam Neeson can now give you driving directions in Waze

In a car near you through January 14. There are a lot of reasons to use Waze, but one of the app's most entertaining and unique features is the ability to have navigation directions read aloud by a number of different celebrities or even your own voice. Now through January 14, you'll be able to...

Waze launches motorcycle mode, voice commands and carpool lane support

All of the new features are available starting today. Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps around, and today it's receiving a pretty beefy update that adds three new features for helping you get to where you need to go as fast and safe as ever. Motorcycle Mode For all of you...
Waze on Android Auto

Waze on Android Auto: Invaluable feedback and alerts with sub-par maps and routing

Would it kill anyone to give us real-time reporting in Google Maps instead? One of the best ways to take advantage of Android Auto is with navigation. No more messing with your phone to figure out where you're going and how long it'll take to get there. Just tell it where you want to go, maybe tap...
Waze in spotify

Waze now integrates with Spotify to help de-stress your commute

Waze is adding a big new integration — and sorry, it isn't Android Auto. Waze and Spotify have inked a deal to deeply integrate into each other's apps, both giving you access to the best tunes during your commute and keeping your route easily in hand while browsing your music. With the latest...

The voices of The Grand Tour are now on Waze

These are way better than the default voices. If you were ever a fan of the TV series Top Gear you've likely seen the news of the spiritual relaunching of the series as The Grand Tour over on Amazon. To get you in the mood, Waze has partnered up with Amazon to offer the voices of Clarkson,...

Android Auto eventually will get Waze, work on your phone, and be built in to cars

Updates to Android Auto have been few and far between, but Google has a strong roadplan for its in-car version of Android. One of the more exciting (if downplayed) announcements at Google I/O has to do with Android Auto. We've long lamented the slow iterations of Android Auto. And they're going...
Waze kicks of carpooling pilot in San Francisco

Waze kicks off carpooling pilot program in San Francisco

If you live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may get a chance to test a new carpooling feature in Waze. The Google-owned navigation app has officially begun testing the new carpooling service in the Bay Area, aiming to take a stab at making the process of setting up rides with others...

Waze now uses fewer taps to get you where you need to go

Waze, the popular nagivation app that's owned by Google, is rolling out a major update today on Android. Version 4.0 is designed to use fewer taps to access major features, and has added a new reporting panel. Here's the breakdown of what's new in Waze 4.0: Less Taps Needed: Less taps...
Waze unveils its Transport SDK for third-party integration

Waze partners with Lyft for driver directions, unveils new Transport SDK

Waze has announced a new Transport SDK that will allow partners to build-in features from Waze directly into their own apps. With the SDK, partners have access to Waze's crowd-sourced traffic data for more optimized routes, users of things like ride-sharing services, for instance, should see...

Google and Waze are testing new RideWith carpooling service in Israel

Google is experimenting with a new carpooling service, working with its mapping subsidiary Waze in a limited test. The company has confirmed that the service, called RideWith, will launch in Tel Aviv, Israel this week. While the service has similarities to features offered by other ride-...

Waze app will start displaying AMBER Alerts to help find missing children

The new feature for the social-themed navigation app should help with spreading the word about children who are either missing or have been abducted. The Waze app team is working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on the AMBER alert feature. The app's official blog...

Waze may already be installed on your next smartphone

[custom:mwc15]Google today announced that Waze will be an option as pre-installed software on Android smartphones. The move will provide OEM partners (and carriers) the opportunity to have the service already installed and ready to go for when consumers first switch on their new handsets....



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