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Is there possibly a bigger overnight success story than Twitter? Launched in 2006, it was a quirky little thing that let people post short messages — a mere 140 characters — and follow the posts of others. What could you possible have to say that other people would want to read? Or, what could you possibly say in so few characters?

Turns out, quite a bit.

As of March 2014, Twitter boasted 225 million monthly active users. It does somewhere near a quarter-billion dollars in revenue in a quarter. You can't turn on a TV or watch a morning show or see a billboard or visit Facebook or load a website without seeing a reference to Twitter. Or to a "hashtag" — the unofficial method by which Twitter users began making their tweets more easily searchable. It's not quite as ubiquitous as, say, text messaging, but it's not that far off, either. Twitter is a way for celebrities other members of the famous ilk to "connect" with their fans. It's a way for anyone to communicate with everyone.

And mobile quickly became Twitter's go-to medium. The ability to post from anywhere, at any time, be it via app or mobile site or text. The ability to post a selfie or countless pictures of food. Or, more important as we started to see with the Arab Spring uprising, the ability to share news as it's happening (much to the chagrin of the occasional government).

It's not all been without controversy, however, especially when it comes to apps. Twitter still provides APIs for developers to tap into, but it has significantly capped the number of users new apps can have, thus limiting the usefulness of apps as a revenue source for developers. Meanwhile, Twitter's own apps have been a bit of a mess, off and on.

With Twitter, you have to take the good (social change and the connecting of the world) with the bad (anything and everything Kardashian and Bieber). And that's OK. Because you only have to take it for 140 characters at a time.

Oh, by the way be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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Twitter is rolling out an update to introduce group messaging and video support

Twitter has today announced two new features coming to the micro-blogging service. Group messaging and video upload support will be rolling out in an update for official apps on both iOS and Android. There are times when you require a personal platform to converse with a group of select...
Twitter launches tweet translations for mobile apps and web

Twitter launches tweet translations for mobile apps and web

Twitter has announced today that it has enabled tweet translation, powered by Bing, on both its official Android app, as well as on the web. The feature was previously available on TweetDeck, and has been tested off and on for a while now. Twitter made the announcement, fittingly, via a Tweet...
Twitter is now inserting ads into your following list

Twitter has a new advertising channel: your following list

No matter your school of thought on how you use Twitter, the list of people you follow now includes advertising. The first customer: MasterCard. On the web, and in the official Twitter apps for iPhone and Android, you'll find that you, and everybody else, have MasterCard as a promoted entry in...
Twitter error

Twitter says it's working on tonight's meltdown [update: resolved]

If Twitter suddenly logged you out of your mobile apps and won't let you back in — or a device or a desktop, actually — you're not alone. In fact, you're in damned good company. We're locked out, too. Twitter's official status page says they're aware of the problem and are working on it. One...
Official Twitter app gets new filters, updated filter UI

Official Twitter app gets new filters, updated filter UI

Though Twitter initially unveiled its take on photo filters back in 2012, the implementation was arguably clumsy. Today, the company rolled out an update to its official app that offers up a more streamlined view for choosing among different shades and hues for your social-bound photos. While...

Twitter is adding new anti-harassment tools to make it easier to report abuse

Twitter will soon be offering offering all users of its social network some new features and tools that will enable them to report abusive activity faster, along with a new page that shows which Twitter accounts a user has blocked. Twitter stated: We're improving the reporting process to...
Twitter app graph raises privacy concerns as it tracks installed third-party apps

Twitter app graph raises privacy concerns as it tracks installed third-party apps

In an effort to build a more personalized experience, Twitter has announced it will be collecting a list of user-installed applications on Android and iOS smartphones as part of its app graph program. Though Twitter says it will not be collecting data inside those apps, users who do not wish to...
Twitter's new search API closed to third-party apps

Twitter's new search API closed to third-party apps

Remember that fancy new feature that allows you to search every tweet ever posted that Twitter announced last week? Well if you're one of the many users of third-party Twitter apps, prepare to be disappointed: Twitter's new search API won't be open to third-party clients, much to the frustration...
Twitter adds ability to share tweets privately via direct messages

Twitter adds ability to share tweets privately via direct messages

Twitter is on a never ending quest to improve its messaging features, and today provides even more evidence of that. The micro-blogging service announced today via its blog that users will now be able to share tweets privately through direct messages. If you want to start sharing your favorite...

You can now search through each and every tweet posted to Twitter since 2006

Have you ever felt like searching through tweets you published years ago? Now you can using Twitter's search engine. Searches on the social network were previously limited to just a week before tweets were removed from the index (but still viewable by other means – direct links, profile timelines...
Twitter wants to make money when it grows up

Twitter wants to make money when it grows up

No longer the fun-loving "Toys 'R' Us" kid, Twitter is all grown up now and it wants to make money. The social network released a statement on Wednesday outlining its strategy on the Internet, stating that it wants to bring in revenue, and lots of it, though it did not give any specifics on that...
Google Glass

Twitter for Google Glass goes the way of the Dodo, but works (for now) for those who have it installed

Twitter seems to have pulled support for its Google Glass app, removing the Glassware listing from MyGlass entirely. Glass users (including a few folks here at Android Central) have noticed that while the Twitter app continues to function if you already have it installed on Glass, it no longer...

Twitpic Android app shut down but Twitter will keep domain and pictures online

The journey of the Twitpic online photo service has apparently reached an end. After a trademark dispute with Twitter, the service said it was shutting down in September, but later it claimed it had found a company willing to buy them and keep Twitpic going. Then that deal apparently evaporated....
Twitter hopes to replace usernames and passwords with Digits

Twitter hopes to replace usernames and passwords with Digits

Twitter has just rolled out a new service for developers to integrate into their apps called Digits, which should make it more secure for consumers to sign into apps and services. Rather than complex usernames and passwords, Digits hopes to simplify the sign in process by using your phone number...

Twitter will start showing tweets from people you don't follow

Twitter has today announced the popular social network will display tweets from random users you don't currently follow in a bid to bring more relevant content to your home timeline, and to pick up some new friends along the way. Twitter isn't shy at testing out new experimentations with its...

Twitter gets in-line audio streaming via Audio Cards

Twitter is introducing a new feature to its Android and iOS apps today that will allow users to stream music directly from tweets within the app. Called the Audio Card, this new feature enables specific users to embed SoundCloud audio within their tweets, where users can then stream said audio...
Twitter good profile hero

How to have a good Twitter profile

Join this former Twitter skeptic as he determines what makes a Twitter profile good OK, guys, I'm going to have to be honest. I was a little intimidated when I found out I'd be writing an article like this. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that I was just shedding my Twitter skepticism. As...

Twitter's testing 'buy' buttons so you can buy stuff through Twitter's app

In case Twitter wasn't putting enough stuff in your face, you might soon see a "buy" button in the official Twitter app. Yep, the same Twitter that's pulling in to your stream the favorites of people you follow (and sometimes even people you don't follow) now wants to urge you to tap on that...
Trademark dispute with Twitter forces Twitpic to shut down

Trademark dispute with Twitter forces Twitpic to shut down

It looks like Twitter is using its legal powers to force Twitpic to shut down over trademark disputes. Effective September 25th, the Twitter-linked photo sharing service will cease to operate. According to Twitpic, a tool should become available over the next few days that will allow current...
Why Twitter hero image

Why should you use Twitter?

This skeptic is beginning to like and use Twitter more, but why? Let me start with a little confession: I've been a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to the "microblogging" platform Twitter. I think I just saw it as a social media platform much lamer than the likes of Facebook or Google+....