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    Google Play Newsstand

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    • Vendor: Google Inc.
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    There are a lot of ways to get news from both the Internet and print sources on your Android. But if you're tired of keeping track of web pages, and dedicated apps, and third-party aggregators that think a little too much for you, Google Play Newsstand might be what you're looking for.

    You'll find most of the big names you're looking for are just an easy download away in Google Play, and just a tap adds them right to your Newsstand. Once added, you can browse at your leisure, and enjoy a rich media experience with just enough bells and whistles to keep things orderly and flowing well, but not so many that things feel cluttered. Not to mention the Android design language in the user interface, which will make you feel right at home while you're reading.

    Google Play Newsstand is free in Google Play, and you'll find single issues and subscriptions for both news sites — like Android Central — or magazines in Google Play right from the app.


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    Google Play Newsstand gets redesigned home screen, bottom toolbar

    Google Play Newsstand is now better than ever. Google has released a new version of Play Newsstand, its one-stop shop for news, magazines and other written content, with an updated home screen design and a bottom tab bar that replaces the left-side hamburger menu. The design is definitely...
    Google Play Music and paid Newsstand content land in handful of new countries

    Google Play Music and paid Newsstand content land in handful of new countries

    Google has announced the rollout of Google Play Music and paid Newsstand content to a handful of new countries today. Overall, Newsstand is hitting three new countries, while Google Play Music is only landing in one. From Google: Unpacking tons of songs and reads. @GooglePlayMusic and Newsstand...
    Google Play Movies comes to 3 new countries, as paid Newsstand content rolls out to 4

    Google Play Movies and paid Newsstand content roll out to more countries

    Google is expanding access to paid content on Google Play Movies and Newsstand to a handful of new countries today. In all, Movies will be available in three new countries, while Newsstand is hitting four. Here's a breakdown of where Google Play Movies and Newsstand content is landing today:...
    Google Newsstand paid content expands to more countries

    Paid Google Play Newsstand content now available in the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine

    Support for paid content within Google Play Newsstand has been expanded to Android users in the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine. Customers in these areas will now be able to purchase magazines and newspapers from their Android phones and tablets. Currently, only 22 countries have access...
    Google Play Newsstand expands paid content to Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Turkey

    Google Play Newsstand expands paid content to Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Turkey

    Starting today, those in Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Turkey can enjoy paid content from Google Play Newsstand. With these additions, folks in the aforementioned countries join a fairly limited number of countries that have access to paid content from Google Play Newsstand. Here's the full list...
    Google Play Newstand

    Google Play Newsstand expands its reach to Mexico and three more countries

    Google continues to expand its Google Play Newsstand so it can be offered in more places around the world. This week, the online magazine store went live in four more countries, including Mexico. Besides our neighbors to the south, Google Play Newsstand is now available in Brazil, Indonesia...
    Google play Newstand

    Google Play Newsstand gets revamped with new Material Design look

    The Google Play Newsstand app is rolling out a new look that incorporates the Material Design choices that are a part of the upcoming Android L release. Google says this will allow the online magazine and reading app to have "bigger images, more contextual headers and smoother transitions." In...
    Google Play Newsstand

    Google Play Newsstand paid content expands in India and Europe

    Google's expanded the availability of paid content in Google Play Newsstand to four new countries. Joining the ranks of the privileged few that have the option to pay for premium Newsstand content are India, the Netherlands, Russia, and Spain. Here's the full list of supported countries:...
    Google Play Newsstand

    Paid content from Google Play Newsstand now available in France, Germany

    While Google Play Newsstand itself is available worldwide, the ability to purchase content is limited to a select group of countries. Today that group is expanding by two, with people in France and Germany now having the option to sign up for magazine and content subscriptions through the app. If...
    Google Play Newsstand

    Google Play Newsstand updated with new navigation tabs, combined 'My Library' section

    Content sections now separated into individual tabs for easier reading Our third Google app update of the day is Google Play Newsstand, and again we're looking at light changes with a few new features that'll grab the interest of those who regularly use the app. Content discovery is a big deal...
    Currents is now Newsstand

    Google Currents update kills Google Currents - long live Newsstand!

    Today's update wipes Currents from your device and points you at Newsstand There's an update for Google Currents slowly pushing out, and it has a very simple change. When you install it, it will direct you to install [Newsstand(

    Google Play Newsstand updated with a hot widget and mini card view

    Google has pushed out a few updates to its Android apps today, and after Search and Hangouts comes Play Newsstand. Having come together as an amalgamation of Play Magazines and Google Currents, Newsstand's latest update brings us a couple of neat new additions including the pretty hot looking...


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    Google Play Newsstand

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    I like subscribing to graphic novel news. Can find some crazy cool stuff on that subject.

    Dude. What if the word "NEWS" on the AC widget actually linked to the home page? #mindblown.