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If there's one single reason to use an Android device, Gmail may be it. What once was the world's longest beta test is undoubtedly (though we may be a little biased here) the best way to manage email. It's available anywhere, at any time. It makes it virtually impossible to accidentally lose mail. Plus it's as fast on mobile as it is on a powerful desktop computer. 

Gmail does things a little differently, keeping your conversations as, well, threaded conversations — not just back-and-forth messages like back in the Dark Ages. It's a different way of doing things, but it works. And it works well.

If you haven't yet tried Gmail, you're absolutely missing out. Gmail comes standard with a Google account, and with it you'll get multiple gigabytes of free storage, so you shouldn't be running out of storage space any time soon.

The Android app continues to improve as well. It'll be refreshed with Google's new Material Design language. And it'll continue to lead the way for all other mobile email clients — especially on Android.


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Gmail adds Oauth support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts

Gmail app for Android adds Oauth support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts

In a new update that will be rolling out over the next few days, Gmail will bring Oauth support for Microsoft and Yahoo accounts. Security is important to everyone, and Google is boosting security in its Gmail app for those with Microsoft and Yahoo accounts. In the latest update, which will be...
Google Inbox

Google's Inbox by Gmail app is now open to everyone without an invite

Google's Inbox by Gmail app is now available for everyone to download and use without an invite for the first time. As part of the its Google I/O announcements today in San Francisco, the company is now allowing everyone to download and use the Inbox by Gmail app without an invite. Google...
Gmail for Android update shows additional info in just a tap

Gmail app update lets you easily see recent conversations, contact info, and more with one tap

Google has made it much easier to see see contact information, recent conversations, and more in the latest update to Gmail for Android. The latest update to the Gmail app for Android, which is rolling out now, makes viewing contact information, finding recent conversations, and more much easier...
Gmail's having some trouble being Gmail right now…

Certificate errors bring down the Gmail app for some

Gmail's having some trouble being Gmail right now… If you're having trouble getting mail to load in the Gmail app on your phone, you might not be alone. Google is reporting an issue affecting "a majority of users", and that issue is rooted in an invalid certificate. Says Google's apps status...
Gmail All Inboxes

Gmail update for Android will help organize all your email accounts, even if they're not Google's

A new update to Gmail for Android is supposed to help its users organize all of their various email accounts at once with the new "All Inboxes" option. This new feature will alllow Gmail users to simply read all of their emails in one place, without having to switch to their other accounts like...

Some users experiencing issues using Gmail over IMAP, Google working to fix [Updated]

Update: Google says that the issue has been fixed. The company advises anyone still experiencing issues to reset their IMAP client. They also assure customers that they continue to improve Gmail to improve reliability. Original story: A large set of Gmail users are experiencing a service...

Google's reportedly working on a way to pay bills from inside Gmail

Google may be working on a new service, code-named "Pony Express", that could allow Gmail users in the future to both receive and pay online bills directly from the email service. The report comes from leaked documents that were first reported by Re/code. They show how Gmail "Pony Express" users...
Google previews new features for Contacts; brings new interface, easier management

Google previews new features for Contacts; brings new interface, easier management

Google has announced today that it is overhauling the way we manage contacts through Gmail, making it easier to stay on top of changes in your contacts' information. Released as a preview today, and rolling out to Gmail over the next few weeks, the new Google Contacts comes with a fresh new...
Dropbox for Gmail

The new Dropbox extension for Chrome lets you quickly add file links in Gmail

Dropbox has launched a Chrome extension that allows you to easily share your files within Gmail. Called Dropbox for Gmail, the extension allows you to quickly add a link to a Dropbox file from within Gmail's compose window. After installing the extension, you'll find a Dropbox icon in Gmail's...
Gmail Money UK

You can now send money through Gmail in the UK with Google Wallet

Google has today announced a new feature in Gmail for UK users. It's now possible to transfer funds through the email service using Google Wallet. The new transfer feature in the desktop version of Gmail is free to use and doesn't require the recipient to have a Gmail address – they'll be...
Gmail service sees partial restoration in China

Gmail service sees partial restoration in China

It appears that Gmail service has been partially restored in China. It was reported yesterday that the Chinese government was blocking access to the service through third-party apps, while the Gmail website has been blocked for years. While many are reporting that service has been restored,...
Gmail app blocked in China

China blocks access to Gmail through apps

Access to the Gmail website has been blocked for some time in China, but now the Chinese government is also blocking access to Gmail through apps. The block affects not just the official Gmail apps, but also accessing Gmail through third-party apps. Said Google in a statement: "We've...
Google Now Flights

How to: Forward email to your main Gmail account so Google Now sees it

Take time to set up a few filters, and you'll enable a much better Google Now experience As much as we'd love to condense all of our digital lives into just one email address, it just isn't feasible. And now with services like Google Now scanning our email inbox to surface relevant information...
Gmail Irish

Gmail adds Gaeilge (Irish) to list of supported languages

The folks at Gmail are upping supported languages once again, toady adding Gaeilge (Irish) to the list. With Gmail now available in 71 languages, around 95% of the world's internet population is represented. Gaeilge joins the likes of Cherokee, Mongolian, Zulu, and many others. Irish, in...

Google will let anyone claim an Inbox invite from now until 3 pm Eastern time

Google is once again opening up invites to try out their recent Inbox app. It is currently accepting all requests to try out their Gmail-based email management app from now until 3 pm Eastern time (noon Pacific time) today. All you have to do is email sometime during that time...
Gmail With Google Docs

Office files in Gmail attachments can now be converted and edited with Google Drive

Gmail web users now have a new and nifty feature to access if they get a lot of Microsoft Office files as email attachments. Google has now set up a way for those files to be converted and edited directly from Gmail via Google Drive. Google stated that this update will offer Gmail users "the...
Inbox for Gmail

Google will let anyone claim an Inbox invite between 6 and 7 pm ET today

If you have yet to receive an invite to try out Inbox, you could get one very quickly later this evening. Google will accept all requests to try out their Gmail-based email management app from 3-4 pm Pacific Time (6-7 PM Eastern Time) today. All you have to do is email

Gmail update brings Material Design, POP/IMAP support

After it was leaked previously, Google is now starting to push out a new app update for the Gmail client on Android devices bringing a fresh new look with Material Design. In addition to a visual update, the new Gmail app can also be home to all your other non-Google email service providers,...

Gmail 5.0 for Android leaked with new design and support for Outlook and Yahoo Mail

While the Android version of Gmail 5.0, the next major update for Google's email client, has yet to make an official appearance on the Google Play Store, the app has leaked out, showing its support for IMAP and Exchange email accounts that are used by and Yahoo Mail. And of course, a...

A few quick thoughts on Google Inbox

Can Google's new Inbox change the way we fail at email? Quite possibly, but it's early yet. Google today announced Inbox, a sort of Gmail with training wheels. That is, it tries to make your email experience easier by automatically grouping emails together into categories. It's not unlike what...