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Apex Launcher is back and better than ever, but you should wait a while before switching

Apex Launcher announced its comeback weeks ago with a May arrival date. Lo, it is May, and and Apex Launcher beta has pushed out for the testers to enjoy. But I'd hold off for a little while.

Hey, I'm as ready for another customization-heavy launcher to join the ranks of Nova Launcher and Action Launcher as anyone else, but after playing with the new beta, I can tell you it's not there yet.

Now, I refuse to make a bunch of hasty conclusions about Apex's resurgence until it makes its way to the stable release, or at least makes it through a few more beta updates, but so far, things look a lot like they did back in 2015. There's a few new-ish card styles and animations, but the majority of Apex looks and acts like it did before, right down to the way it cuts off icons when your grid gets too big.

Long story short, it's still more old Apex than new Apex. Until that new Apex is a little more visible, unless you're really into betas and giving feedback to launcher developers, I'd sit tight. If you want to take part in the Beta, you'll need to join the Apex Launcher Google+ community and then opt-in to the beta (opens in new tab) before downloading Apex Launcher from Google Play (opens in new tab).

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  • I'm just happy that they are back again. I used Apex more before because the gestures are free but after sensing that the development had stopped I made the decision of purchasing Nova Prime and is loving it. I hope Apex implements the subgrid and widget overlap feature of Nova, those two become the reason why I won't switch to other launcher(aside from SquareHome cus Windows style is pretty awesome).
  • Just got an update today, and not through the beta system. Not much different. Search bar can be an overlay, not much else. Still crashes when exiting certain apps, still take a long time to re-load after using apps. This was the first launcher I bought, but just can't use it on a daily basis. I was hoping for some real fixes with all the hype lately.