Is anyone still using an LG V20 in 2019?

When LG launched the V20 back in 2016, the phone was met with a lot of positive feedback. Power users loved it thanks to the removable battery, headphone jack, and expandable storage, whereas LG tried to appeal to mainstream consumers too with the dual rear cameras and secondary ticker display.

A lot has changed since the V20 was released, and all these years later, some AC forum members decided to take a look at how it's holding up here in 2019.

Just curious. My main phone is a Huawei p20 pro. I still have the v20 just in case, did not want to sell it. I use it sometimes for media consumption, web browsing and planning to take it with me to any trip to use the wide angle camera if needed.


I'm starting to get some lag to the point of being annoying and apps being forced closed that shouldn't be. I'm a power user and I think I'm starting to hit the RAM limits, causing them to close out. Otherwise I'm still happy with it and there's no true upgrade for it that I've seen yet.


I'm still happy with mine. I've never done an update of any kind. Not that I wouldn't. I just can't. It's an AT&T phone and I live in Canada. I'm not that impressed with the stuff coming out lately. First, it's thinner and thinner. Then, let's fold them in half and make them twice as thick again. Duhh! I am happy with the cameras. The sound is second to none. The batteries are replaceable....


What about you? Are you still using an LG V20?

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